Unicycle Rack for My Scooter

I thought this project was going to be a lot more trouble, but I was able to attach my Koxx-One uni stand to my scooter with little effort and all I have to do is bungee my uni in and it’s good to go. It sticks up really high, but hey…I didn’t have to do any fabrication.

how well does it work?

It keeps my unicycle from falling off while driving.

Show us some pictures of how it’s connected.

Yes please im very interested in this. I strapped my uni to a backpack so i could take it on my motorcycle. but this looks better. easier,and quicker

All I did was take off the cushion on the backrest, undo the staples on the cover, use a Dremel to cut groves in the plastic, then bolt everything back on. I just got lucky with the way the backrest on my scooter is designed.

What kind of scooter is that?

dude i recomend you buy a rucksack, i have a dakine helipack and you can fit a uni real nicely on it. Cause that is plain dangerous. Surely ur gonna get pulled over by the cops?

What’s dangerous about it?

And why would the cops pull me over?

It’s very secure.

As for the scooter, the company that makes it is Bashan (China). It has an emblem that says “Eagle” on the front though. The model is a Milano 150. You can get them from MotorXtremes.com. They sell them for $899 shipped. I got mine for $800 because it just so happens that their warehouse is in OKC on may way home from work, so I went and picked mine up. They are legal in every state except California. They go 50 mph. They have remote start and an alarm. Sure it’s no Vespa, but for 1/4 of the price, I don’t care. I installed a sound system in mine with 2 3.5" speakers, 2 tweeters, and an amp with an iPod hookup. I also installed a cigarette lighter to charge my iPod with. My uni rack also doubles to hold my portable DVD player if I wanna watch a good uni video to get pumped up before I ride.


Yeah one of my friends just recently bought one before she went to college. I forget the exact model but she got it from a Yamaha dealership. I did see the little speakers and I was wondering if that was a custom job, I guess I was right, Shwwwing.

cause teh cops see a unicycle sticking up on a scooter tied by a rack and bungee cords might stop it casue they think it could fall off and hit a car?

I doubt it i have ridden my bike around with a air soft shotgun sticking out of my bag and a unicycle strapped on and never more than a look.

Cops have better things to do, like look intimidating and pull over people who are obeying the law.

And speed to the doughnut shop with their lights on.

Cops in my city often turn their lights and sirens on just to go through a red light, then turn them off.

They may be on their way to a call that isn’t URGENT enough to need the lights and sirens on the main road.

That scooter looks awesome. That’s not bad at all for $900.

Coffee shop doesn’t constitute a business call.

I have honestly looked at a cruiser number that has done this and I followed him on my bike to Tim Hortons…

Haha, maybe a coffee shop robbery? :slight_smile:

Oh noes, someone stole all the Chocolate Glazed!