Unicycle rack for a motorcycle

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I know this is an old thread, but I don’t want to start a new one for the same topic.

For those interested in an off-the-shelf rack for motorcycles that will hold a 36" unicycle, I’ve successfully tested the 2x2cycles.com motorcycle bike rack with my Nimbus Impulse.

Obviously you need to use something to tie down the seat or neck since a unicycle won’t connect to the wheel dropout holder on the rack, and you may need to thin out the plastic spacers on the lock for the crank clamp as it was almost to tight to lock it with my KH moments.

In all, it took maybe 5 minutes to figure out a solution and mount the uni.

Rack and ruin

I found a really cheap way of carrying my 36 on a motorcycle but it’s a bit awkward weaving in and out of traffic :astonished:

Corbin has a nice pic of a 36er on his harley.

Your problem is you’re using a blue bungee. You need a red one to avoid the awkwardness. :wink:

I remember seeing that somewhere, and I’m sure it works great. However, I’m sure there are others like me that don’t have the desire, skills, and/or tools needed to fabricate one. Plus I don’t like having to look through the uni to see behind me. It’s already a little annoying with my 24" muni.

It’s good to see that there are options out there to choose from now. :slight_smile:

Gee, thanks for that…I thought it was because the darn wheel was 24" wider than the motorcycle it was attached to :roll_eyes: …by blue bungee’s of course :p:)

Options? Hmm I recall a movie about a kamikaze pilot…

strap it to my bag

Upside down muni using bungie magic while seat is on passenger pegs

I’ll try this again. Maybe I’ll be successful uploading a photo :slight_smile:

I might do some long distance motorcycle touring this summer and would very much like to pack an essential piece of equipment. Yesterday I managed to ride my dual sport motorcycle to my current “not too far” favourite unicycle trails. In the parking lot of The Hinton Falls Conservation Area by Milton, Ontario…

Cheers - Terry O’Leary

Nice! I too have a dual sport and was wondering how to take the uni along.

I was on my f700gs and my husband on his 3 wheeler, Spyder. He pulled a trailer, which carried my 29er across the country and back. I know. It’s cheating, but it worked out great for me:D.

That seems to me a odd statement to make for your first post. Yet I am intruiged by your comment. Please elaborate.

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Haha!!! I’s thinkin the same!!:smiley:

Looks nice, and not blocking your rear view much. DO you have any special attachments or is the uni just strapped on?

It’s attached to the motorcycle so it count’s to me. Nothing wrong with pulling a trailer for a trip like that, so why not attach it there?:slight_smile:

Since we’re doing show and tell, here’s how I’ve gotten to some muni trails a few times.

Bungie Magic. Unicycle seat resting on passenger peg.

No special attachments. When I got home I realized before putting the unicycle on the motorcycle one should first use a bungie cord to firmly bind the right pedal in the 12 o’clock position to the right fork. This increases stability. Then attach the small cushion to the muni wheel.

Put the Muni upside down facing forward. Use two bungie cords to attach the seat to the passenger foot peg. I used a neoprene Dollarama knee pad attached to the frame by the plastic exhaust protector, and one protecting my GIVI case from the right pedal. Two bungie cords tie the right fork and crank to the metal rack on the motorcycle.

One thing to look out for is the muni seat touching the rear brake calipers. I didn’t have any issues but in hindsight if the pedal is first firmly bound to the right fork then the muni seat keeps its distance from the brake.

I could see the muni in my right mirror. Travelling at 65-70 mph did not seem to affect the stability. Of course more testing is needed before I feel completely confident with this setup. But I think it will work.

It might help that my muni has a “built like a tank”, heavy, but not aluminum construction. The bungie cords are pretty tight and the frame is being stressed in a way it is not normally.

Cheers - Terry

More Bungie Magic

Today I used my 2004 DL650 VStrom to tote my Bedford 24" muni to the Hilton Falls Conservation area near Milton, Ontario.

Same method, I only used bungie cords, a small pillow and two kneepads.

Notice the muni bathing in the sunlight with the VStrom quietly in the shadows :slight_smile: