Unicycle Race 8/12/06

I made a thread about this awhile ago. There is a yearly MTB. race that goes by my house on the trails. And after talking with the guy who plans the race every year he said i could go in it on my uni. He has never heard about mountain unicycling before and thinks it is unique and just the thing he is looking for to make his race unique.

He even said if we get enouph people to come we unicyclists can have our own category, and probably win prizes and stuff like the bikers.

This race is in Negaunee, Michigan

here is the website

If you can come plz do. I will be for sure going in it so u wont be a lone ranger.

U can use pretty much any wheel size for this race. It gets a little sandy in some spots and a little rocky but overall its a good fun trail. I will be using a 24" uni so yeah…

If u have any questions post’m

This race is still quite awhile away but oh well

plz anybody come

oh yeah forgot to say there is

different races you can go in,

HardRock= 48 Miles

SoftRock= 28 Miles

Jr. Rock= 4 Miles

Come on, this is good training for the Tour De Yoop