Unicycle Quidditch

ok so we’ve all seen unicycle hockey, unicycle basketball, etc. i know there’s got to be at least a few other slightly nerdy people here that think quidditch would be an obvious(and in my opinion fun) game to play while riding unicycles.

quidditch is described in detail here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quidditch after reading that if you don’t know what quidditch is then feel free to continue. if you already know then read on.

imagine it, after assembling the hops for the goals. could easily be done with small hoola hoops. the quaffle could be a somewhat under inflated dodge ball, and the beaters could be the same. potentially a different color so as to tell them apart. the game is played very similar to on broom sticks. if you have the quaffle and are hit with a bludger you have to pass the quaffle to a player on the other team. the bludger/quaffle/snitch can only be used by the appropriate team members. so many potential ways to play the game exist and it could definitely be left up to some discretion of the people playing how strict of rules you wanted to play by. as for the golden snitch, if the game were to be played on a hard surface, such as a tennis court, parking lot, basketball, etc. then a small bouncy ball could be held by an anonymous person watching the play. when they see fit(after substantial play time) they throw the ball to the ground send it bouncing all over the place at which time the seekers try to catch it.

maybe i’m just a nerd, but i think i may be onto something. feel free to post your comments, but try to keep them at least semi- positive, or at least only jokingly negative. lol

I remember you talking about this at CoJ. I think it’d be fun, but I feel like you’d need a lot of open space and a lot of unicyclists. It’s hard enough not to run into eachother in basketball, a game in which everyone is focused on one thing. I think in a game like quidditch, where so much is going on at once, it’d be hard to cross the field without a UPD.

Can’t hurt to try it though, I’d be down.

i think a large flat parking lot would really work best. in the game played on flying broomsticks they really have an unlimited amount of play space. maybe like a mall parking lot, things would be spread out and it could creat some interesting strategies.

I have a Nimbus II! :smiley:

It should be played in three dimensions.

I’d definitely play this game!:smiley: Great idea! I also like your solution to the snitch problem.:slight_smile:

You my friend are very creative, maybe nerdy ;-), but this actually does sound like a good game, getting a full team that understands the rules might be tricky… But I would definitaly play!

This game was actually played a few times on unicycles in the UK, some years ago. I watched it and as a spectator sport it was excellent. Don’t remember all the rules, but there were basket balls as bludgers, some riders with hockey sticks and ball and a bouncy ball. Objects and riders flying around in various directions. Great fun to watch. Not heard of it being played recently, but I see few other unicyclists these days.

On Nimbus, I remember hearing some speculation about Nimbus, and Roger Davies, who, I think is named as a player of Quidditch in the Harry Potter books. All too coincidental but I never found out anything more.

No doubt there are riders in the UK who actually played the game and might add more.

Edit: just found this http://uk.unicyclist.com/quidditchrules/rules.html


Wow! Just been reading the rules! Sounds great! Some one should run a Quidditch tournement in conjuction with a hockey tournement!

been there done that. It was fun. kinda hard to get enough players and refs together in one place who understood the rules AND the spirit of the game.

The rules linked to above are the codification of the rules we played with back in 2002 ish

There were a couple of earlier incarnations that used different balls and goals, I think Naomi may have seen one of those early games at BJC 2001 that included hockey sticks. we were using what ever we had to hand and making up a game to play with that kit.