Unicycle Purchase Problem

Hi guys. I am currently trying to purchase a Qu-Ax Cross 29" from the Cyber sale on UDC. However, at checkout it does not give me a shipping method to select.
Does anyone know what’s wrong or how to fix it? Thanks.

Sorry if this is the wrong section, I haven’t posted here much before.


Not sure but that looks like what I got from the UK UDC site when I tried to order from them with a US address. I had to email and ask them to calculate international shipping and send me an invoice.

Are you in the US? Did you make a mistake entering your address perhaps?

Good luck!

weird, I just tried to checkout that item, and it doesn’t work on one of my computers…

Works only if purchase is over $300…then gives the normal free shipping.

However, I went to my other computer and it now works. Back to previous computer, also works. :stuck_out_tongue:
Must’ve been some glitch…

I just placed an order and saw the same thing on my first try at checking out. It looks like the page is supposed to update itself with correct shipping quotes after you’ve entered your address, but the update didn’t happen the first time for me.

Maybe the shipper’s server is a little slow to respond under the holiday load or something. I went back to the home page and clicked “Checkout” and the second time it worked like it should.

I think that there was something wrong this morning. The site was not appearing to some people all together. I don’t think it was UDC but was an internet problem. I hope it is fixed now.