Unicycle Product Reviews, new resource...check it out

Hey Everyone, you have noticed the forums quite Sofaless over the past few weeks. Rest assured I have been diligently working on a tool that should become a very powerful unicycling resource.

Please check out the new Unicycle Product Reviews

Note: This is still a work in progress, but is now ready to accept users. This is my most complex project yet, so please take it easy on my for the first little bit, as you will all effectively be beta testers for a week or so.

I’m anxious to here any feedback about something missing, or if something doesn’t work.

Thanks to unicycle.com for allowing the use of their images, they make up a good chunk of the product shots.

Enjoy, I’ve been working quite hard over the holidays.

That looks like it is nice and will be really helpful. It is gonna be good to have an organized list of everything that can be reviewed so that when someone is looking to buy, they can quickly find out about a product without having to search for hours. Thanks for the hard work I’m sure you put into this.

Edit:Is there a link from here to there? If not, ask gilby to put one up (im sure he will). That URL is quite a dusey.

Edit again: hmmm didnt know i could edit it twice. Soryy to be critical, but it seems you are missing some products.

muiniracer has done 12 out of the 15 reviews on that site. What a dork

as of now, i have reviewed 12, yes 12, of the 15 total reviewed because i am a dork. i even reviewed my seatpost. you guys should review all of your stuff so i dont feel so silly…

You have Dotek cranks under splined. I know theyre strong but…:smiley:

I reviewed everything I own, just for you muniracer!

yay. thanks.

That looks pretty nice. I know there are quite a few people on this board that have used, tested, destroyed, and enjoyed a lot of the items you have listed. I can’t wait to read some of their reviews. Since I just asked about this, you may want to add all the currently available videos. I didn’t get much of a response to my question so it would have been nice to pull up 5-6 thoughtful reviews to make my decision.

This is a nice utility and, if it works out OK, we should probably ask Gilby to provide a link to it from some convenient place. As it is, it allows the reviewer to submit a review without rating a product so it gives an inaccurately low average rating. This could be because Sofa has a concrete block where his brain should be. Doesn’t it seem wrong to you that “Brian” is an anagram of “brain”?

Thanks for the input guys, I’ve added videos to it, and un-Harpered the rating system.

In the “suggest product for review” section, alternate manufacturers cannot be entered. For example, Schwalbe cannot be entered to recommend that the Big Apple be reviewed and WTB cannot be entered to recommend that the Nano Raptor be reviewed.

Thanks Greg, that’s done, and I’ve listed your tires

Re: Unicycle Product Reviews, new resource…check it out

So that’s why everything smelled so nice! This is the first I’ve been able to check out the review forum. Nice work!


This is such a cool resource. Thanks for putting all the work into it. I used the request menu to ask you to add the SemCycle giraffe, the JuggleBug, and the entire Torker line but I don’t see them yet. Thanks for adding the tires I asked for. WTB also makes the MotoRaptor which I think some folks here have tried. This thread is getting buried. Let’s petition Gilby to add a convenient link to it in RSU.

Thanks Greg, and others, much appreciated

Re: Unicycle Product Reviews, new resource…check it out

On Sat, Dec 27, 2003 at 01:58:09AM -0600, TheObieOne3226 wrote:
> You have Dotek cranks under splined. I know theyre strong but…:smiley:

I dunno about you, but I certainly wouldn’t call the Dotek cranks
strong… I bent the 170s that came on my MUni doing wimpy little 12-16"
drops onto sand. Now Kooka…that’s a strong crank.



That would be the ideal review to place in the Product Review list

those products are now listed, Greg (and the system works as it should now)