unicycle problem

hey everybody ,

my unicycle bearings keep on slipping over onto my axle . I had brought it to the local bike shop and got them to loctite the bearings but they never stayed.

So im kinda mad right now because i have been waiting since last weekend and today is thursday so ya any suggestions would be great.

thx alot,



did you let the Loctite sit for 24 hours before riding on your uni?

I had the same problem with my Semcycle XL when I first got it. The problem was that the bearing holders on the end of the frame were a bit wider than the spots where the bearings are supposed to sit on the axle. The problem was solved pretty easily by just squeezing the forks together with a little brute force.

I hope that helps.



ya i did let it sit for a day,

and i had already tried that richard but thankes anyways

What type of Loctite was used? There is sleeve retainer and threadlocker. And then there are several different grades or strengths for each type.

For bearings I use high strength sleeve retainer. Part number 640 (look for 640 somewhere in the part number or item number).

If the bike shop used threadlocker instead of sleeve retainer that could be the problem. I’ve never tried using the threadlocker for bearings and I don’t know how well it would work.

The parts also need to be clean to get a good bond. There can’t be any dirt or oil on the hub or bearing. Use a degreaser to clean off the parts if they are oily.

Put the Loctite all around the area on the hub where the bearing fits and put Loctite all around the inside of the bearing. Don’t just put a few drops here and a few drops there. Spread it all around. I usually use a tooth pick to spread it around before putting the parts together.

If you are still having problems you can get Loctite primer or activator. It comes in an aerosol can. The primer/activator is used to clean and prepare the parts before applying the Loctite. It also has something in it that improves the strength of the bond and speeds up the curing.

Could the inside race of the bearing be worn? Maybe a new bearing would work better than the old bearing.