Unicycle Problem, Pedals slip

Sometimes my pedals turns, while my wheel doesn’t, mostly when I apply too much pressure, like right before UPD, but also when hopping a little wrong, and while I was attemting sif hops and unispins. The pedal turns and so does the hub, the wheel (with the spokes and the ring towhich the spokes are connected in the middle) stays stationary. I have a Luxus 20´ Any help? anyone has the same problem and/or a solution?

Sounds like your crank is stripped?

I would say it sounds like his flanges (The discs where the spokes atach to the hub) have come apart from the axle.

Your cranks stay in the same position to one another? but not to the rim, spokes and tyre?

I think an updrage might be needed.

Yeah, cranks stay int the same line

What’s an updrage? (Or do you mean upgrade?)

Typo for “upgrade”

Is ther a solution, easy and cheap, or should I just buy a new one?

If so, what kind should it be?
I like:
-Street (Like, grinds, staircases, etc.)
-Flatland (Like, yeah, flatland :p)

I don’t like:

Whats the best type, brand and wheelsize?

You also have to know, I still suck in unicycling, I’ve only just landed my first unispin. If I say I like grinds, I mean, I want to be able to do them, not that I like doing thme, because I can’t :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. A 20 foot unicycle is really big. It sounds as if the hub flanges are no longer attached to the axle. I don’t know if this is a keyed press fit or a welded joint for your hub. Regardless, it sounds as if the minimum required work is buying a new hub and re-lacing the wheel.

sounds like a cheap uni, i’m guessing a unicycle that SUN has rebranded (the only uni’s that i’ve heard of with this problem)

your options:
get a new wheelset(~$30 if you can find one at a good price)
get a new unicycle (~$80-100)
or a beastly new unicycle -$250 +

It’s a Qu-ax, and I was told it was an okay unicycle… It’s not that I trashed it either, it already had it.

If you want it to last you need something w/ a strong splined hub,
not a light-weight “splined” hub like the one on this uni

What’s your max budget? Prices range from about $300-450 EUR.

you could try putting a bolt though the hub or welding the cranks in place for a temporary fix, but you will need a new one soon.

oh wow, i don’t think i’ve heard of a qu-ax doing this, they are great unicycles for the most part.
as far as a new uni, i would go with the nimbus trials if is the best price, any unicycle with an ISIS hub will do, or the old qu-ax if they even still sell it.
Koxx one w/ a street rim if you don’t ever want to buy another.
or a KH w/ the rim upgrade later.

usually welding the things in place works.
just be sure to get the bearings off, and take care to do it right, not all at once or you will kill the strength of the hub.

usually welding the FLANGES in place works.
just be sure to get the bearings off, and take care to do it right, not all at once or you will kill the strength of the hub.

do NOT weld the cranks on.
can you give us a link to your unicycle online
you may only need a wheelset, and that will be much cheaper in the long run.

I’m goign to pass by the unicyle store in a while, I’ll take it there.

I can’t even ride anymore, the pedals turn the wheel doesn’t aa thing anymore… :frowning: It’s a qu-ax luxus 20 inch