Unicycle Potrait in Wood

I’ve been scroll sawing for a couple of years now, and I figured why not incorporate it into unicycling. So I found I could take a picture of someone unicycling and make a silouhette in wood.

Potraits usually cost from 80 to 125 dollars. But for forum members I would be willing to sell for about 30 dollars. They usually take over 5 hours to make, so trust me I would’t be ripping you off.

Would anyone be interested? If anyones interested I could post pictures of my previous work.

I can frame as well but it would up the price.

I would like to see a picture of your work.

Thats nice you would drop the price for us, but don’t rip yourself off. $30 for 5 hrs is $6 an hr., not including the overhead for the wood, electric and saw. Thats less than the min wage where I am, and free wood/tools. Think like a business man, not a friend:p

I too would like to see pics.

Well I enjoy doing it, and it’s too hot to unicycle for more than 10 minutes during the day, so it gives me something to do. After dinner I’ll post some pictures of my work, I don’t have any works with unicycles in them, but I have made a pattern with a unicycle in it and it looks really cool, like a picture of a really good high jump tuck or rolling hop. Also 180 unispins would look sick.

Well its good you like it, but I think you may be missing my point. I like to throw hay, but I won’t do it for $4 an hr, just b/c I like to do it and it is fun to do with friends.

Yes but I’m thinking as a business man. I don’t have my own website where people come looking for my product, I’m coming to people that have no idea about my product, and some may not even know the value of my product. Therefore, I have to sell lower. But frankly if I was to sell one piece of work at whatever price would make me happy.

Here’s two pictures from my latest piece.

i am very interested.

thats amazing…nice work, you could make a living from that!

Ill let you know in a few years when I have more money and a place to put it:p

Thank you, if anyone’s interested just shoot me a pm. I’m sure your going to CMW Tyler. So I could always bring your picture there if your still interested, just to save shipping.

Yea I’ll absolutely be at CMW. I’ll be wearing a shirt with my name on it.:slight_smile:

that’s awesome!!
i’m going to have to give it a go on my own, because i have all the equipment and stuff, but i’m not going to steal any business, if i come up with a cool design i might send it to ya. i honestly expected it to be a cutout of a unicyclist that looked bad, but this is a pleasant surprise.