Unicycle Polo

Hey im new to this unicycle site so hey. My bro and i both ride and we play uni polo. Uni Polo is like normal polo but so much more fun. so check out the vid and u should play it too. :smiley:

it seems much less expensive then real polo. Considering that i dont need a horse to do it.

lol i never thought of it like that. so true tho. its alot of fun just to hit the ball at each other, and trying not to get the club in ur spokes. its bad when that happens

There are a lot of people who do unicycle hockey, but I’ve never heard of unicycle polo.

I’ve kinda played unicycle polo, and it is FUN. except I used a croquet mallet and a kickball… but still, it’s a LOT of fun to ride up to it fast, swing the mallet over your head and SLAM the ball as hard as you can!!! HAHAHAHA, oh man it’s great.

Re: Unicycle Polo

…what vid…?

I often mention polo when the subject of uni-adaptable sports comes up. I saw a bunch of people playing bike polo on a soccer field once, but have never seen unicycle polo. It seems an obvious thing to try. It would probably be a bit harder to arrange in an organized way than hockey is.

I enjoy unicycle baseball, badminton, tennis, ping pong, high jump, and even swimming.

Baseball- possible i guess
Badminton- dont see how that could be fun
Tennis- same as badminton
Ping Pong- Okay, getting a bit carried away now
Swimming- … A cry for help? Looking for attention?

Swimming is pretty idiotic thing for him to of said, but you have to admit, uni’s do float.

Ya, but its pretty pointless.

Although I have ridden of my dock at my cabin into the water, thats actually pretty fun, you can pratice rolling hops with only the danger of a belly flop (I know from experience :stuck_out_tongue: )

yeah that swimming, its sort of an inside joke with me and myself. I was riding at the park there is a small pond, i tried riding on the stones near by, wheel got stuck, fell right into the pond unicycle and all.

Oooh, tell us these things or people think your crazy

Check out this oddity…


I envision a few problems with making this work. But still, an interesting idea.

Taken from Unicycling.com