Unicycle Performing

Recently I have landed 2 jobs as a unicyclist. I am posting this to share what I learned and to prepare others for such stints.

For the first job I had to ride dressed as a clown for the Naharia City Purim Parade. It was on a hot suny day and lasted for 2 1/2 hours. I was placed between the African tribal dancers and the Brazilian Samba dancers so I had tons of great scenery! I finished very thirsty and not quite as tired as after a good MUni ride.

For the second Job I had to ride dressed as a “French” performer in an old fashioned Tuxedo long tailed jacket. The job entailed and hour and an quarter riding each evening for four evenings. I basically welcomed all the guests to the Rishon Le Tzion Spring Fest. It was quite hot in the jacket under the lights and it was not easy riding on the carpeting.

Both jobs paid a good hourly rate and it was very exciting getting paid for riding! On both occations I used the time to practice wheel walking and one footed tight turns and and one footed idling, skills that I don’t usually get to practice when MUni riding.

Keep in mind athat when performing chances are you are not going to be doing jumps and riding bumpy surfaces so frequent but adjustments and stints of seat in front riding help quite a bit.

People tend to change walking direction or stop without warning. It would be quite embarrasing nailing someones shin with a spiked Xpedo pedal so give the guests and or other performers room.


Good post :slight_smile:

I’m just wondering how I would go about actually finding these little jobs as a unicyclist…any tips on that?

Finding Unicycling Jobs

I have become a well known Unicyclist in Israel just because I am always riding the popular singles and attend many of the biking expo’s on my Unicycle. Also the main Unicycle importer here comes from the juggling world. When someone wants a unicyclist my name always pops up. I guess that if I was more proactive and sent flyers via email to theaters and municipalities I would get more jobs. I guess that you could also get a marketer or public relations expert. But that is only economical if you are serious about making unicycling at events your primary vocation.


My unicycle club will occasionally send out emails regarding job offers.

If you have a nearby unicycle group or club, it can be easier to promote that. Welcoming others to come learn or practice on spare unicycles, as well as meeting in a fairly public place will automatically increase awareness of the group. Using a website or social networking page will also make you more approachable, and people will know where to go if they are interested.

If you want to actively plant the idea to hire a unicyclist then a more proactive technique is probably necessary. Maybe do some busking with an “available for hire” sign.

Get some cards made up…

Buskers are always considered “for hire” Do what they do and carry some promotional material with you. Even just a business card will get you a few shows, people will ask for a card all the time.

(One business card I handed out after a street-show once in 1989 led to eventually making hundreds of thousands of dollars in casino shows that lasted years…and is still paying off to this date.)

People ask if I do shows all the time as I do casual unicycling around the bike paths.

Next would be a brochure/promo-package with head shot/DVD of your act. and talk to agents, party supply houses/ hotel conference bookers/ other acts. Every city has an agent or three who hire out clowns/face-painters/stilt walkers/etc…they are not too hard to find.

soon you will get some work if you have promo in the right hands.