Unicycle on Danscomp.

I thought it was funny.


looks like the crappy one i got off ebay

If that’s their idea of heavy duty i’d hate to think what their idea of cheap and crappy is.

Wow, that looks like the strongest heavy duty trials unicycle I have ever seen!

Check out their Poverty line of parts.

hahah thats a pissa!

coz i remember wen i first got my KH about a week b4 then i got the LBS to order in a strong uni (i didnt kno about UDCAU) they said that their was a “Heavy Duty Unicycle” in the catalogue that they could order for me … so i thought woo, its prolly similar to a nimbus! but as i waited about 4 weeks for the bloody thing to come in stock i found UDCAU and chose to spend an extra $600 or so on a 06 KH 20" haha!

so thank god i found UDCAU in time or i would have gotten that crappy thing and broken it too and $250 down the drain

holy cow…
im gonna call them tomorow and see if they really do think it is strong!!!

Record the conversation and post it :stuck_out_tongue:

ahahah you guys can really make me laught

That looks nearly exactly like my CyclePro POS! Do not buy this unicycle. It has Lolli-pops and seriously sucks all around. Its decent to learn on I guess. But just… just dont bother.

i just called them about it…
they dont know anything about it except what is written in the description!!
i asked them if the cranks were cottered,cotterless, or splined and they didnt know anything…they sell friggin splined cranks on their bikes for petes sake and cottered or cotterless on the little kid race bikes and they sell all the style of cranks…
i told them that if they did start selling unicycles though that they need to sell stuff like the torker DX’s,KH and K1 unis…
the guy i talked to was absoultely clueless on the topic of the unicycle they were selling…