Unicycle on AFV

I was watching this AFV(americas funniest home videos) marathon on TV, and i saw a unicyclist playing an accoustic guitar on his unicycle(he fell, of course, smashing his guitar in the cliche AFV fashon). NEway, just thought you’d like to know.

I was watching the World Poker Tour on TV on the weekend. Every year, when they are down to 2 people left in the tournament, they bring out the wads of money. Last year, they said that they brought it out on a motor bike, so the announcers were curious as to how it would be brought out this year. I was a little curious too. When it finally came out, it was a unicyclist in a tux, holding a tray of cash like a waiter. He rode around the poker table and then stopped in front of some guy and idled while the other guy cleared the tray. Then the unier rode away. It was pretty sweet.

One time on AFV, there was a guy skydiving on a unicycle, and he landed and rode away.

dude, thats hardcore, cuz even tho he had a parachute, the landing’s supposed to feel like a 10’ drop. ouch.

cartoons on unicyclles are alwayse cool

I saw a unicyclist on AFV once where a kid was riding a little red uni and he tried to ride off a deck and didn’t even hold the seat on stand up. He took it right in the wrong spot. The uni flew out from under him and he was laying on the ground in pain and defeat.

sounds like a jugglebug, in which case, it probably wouldn’t have withstood the landing NEways

whoops, wrong thread:p