Unicycle News & Stuff - Ep. 12 with Eli Brill (Weekly Podcast)

Hello, I revived Unicycle News & Stuff in a podcast form where I’ll be chatting with friends about unicycling. Episodes will be under 30 minutes and will be coming out once a week for at least 2 months.

Unicycle News & Stuff was an initiative I started because I wanted urban riders to know more about rulebook changes since almost no-one would read the rulebook. Basically an easily digestible way to consume boring information about unicycling. It was never a really consistent project. I made a total of 11 episodes over 3.5 years. Now it’s back under the podcast format, and focused around general banter regarding unicycling. I’ll be talking about mostly urban unicycling, although not necessarily exclusively, but definitely mostly since that is my expertise.

Available on most podcast apps, and via the Renowned Series Youtube Channel

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Apple & Google Podcasts link will be available in the next few days at Unicycle News & Stuff • A podcast on Spotify for Podcasters

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