Unicycle Museum at Unicon 21

We are very excited to announce for the first time ever, there will be a “Unicycle Museum” at Unicon and we need your help to make it a success! There will be a dedicated room to display them and it’ll only be open certain hours/days. There will be a person supervising it when it’s open and it’ll be locked otherwise.

If you own (or know someone who owns) any old, new or unique unicycles (big wheels, tiny wheels, tall ones, vintage ones, old muni’s/freestyle/street/trials, new muni’s/freestyle/street/trials, weird ones, crazy ones, etc.) and are willing to bring it with you to show off to the public, please send an email to Jamey Mossengren: info@unicyclingunicorn.com.

In the email please let him know what unicycle(s) you have and he will be in touch with you. If you live in Canada or the USA and are flying, he might be able to pick them up and deliver them for you.

Each unicycle will have a laminated info sheet explaining what year it was built, who built it, history of it, photo of it, etc. There will be a template so they are all in a similar format. Some unicycles will be for “display only” and some of the interesting/weird ones might be possible to try and ride (if the owner is OK with it) with a sign out sheet.

Also, if there are any of them you might want to sell, you could put it on the sheet that it’s for sale.

In the long run it would be amazing to have this as a permanent museum somewhere but not sure where (maybe Bemidji tourism or added to a bicycle museum) and of course have no idea where to begin but it’s something we could think about in the future. If you have any ideas or thoughts on this please let Jamey know.


Thanks for sharing! I have a unicycle that may be of interest. The email you gave doesn’t work though. I got a message saying " Your email couldn’t be forwarded from info@unicyclingunicorn.com to another email address." and that it couldn’t be delivered. Do you have another email I might try?

Thanks for the info! I believe my email issue should be fixed. Can you please try sending it again to both info@unicyclingunicorn and unicycle6869@yahoo.com?

I forwarded my original email to both addresses, unicycle6869@yahoo.com and info@unicyclingunicorn without the .com this time, so hopefully at least one of those addresses will receive it.

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