Unicycle Movies Nights

Hi there!

The French Unicycling Federation has organized 2 “Unicycle Movies Nights” - yesterday and two months ago. The idea was to broadcast unicycle movies from all over the world during a single night, each of them introduced by a few lines. Two guests were interviewed during both of the nights.
The introduction and some interviews are in French - no subtitles available, sadly - but other interviews are in English.

Little teasing: our two English-speaker interviewees initials are LE and KH. Will you be able to guess who they are before watching? :wink:

I’d like to have your opinion: as non-French-speaker people, do you like these videos? Would you like to be told before the next Unicycle Movies Night?

Thanks for your feedbacks :smiley:


Thanks for this, although I know no French, it’s very entertaining on a rainy Friday night!


Very cool!

Thank you so much for posting this.
I’ve seen some of the videos but there was a lot of new stuff I hadn’t seen. I’m still not done watching.

The only trick that I saw that I can do so far is the 5 second steady stream of sweat from the helmet.

I would like notice of the next one please.


Thanks for your replies! We’ll let you know of the next one before it occurs. There’s no date yet but I hope it’ll be in about two months :slight_smile:

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Great stuff, very much enjoyed them!


Nice! I haven’t watched fully yet but it looks pretty good.

My mostly forgotten school-boy French isn’t really adequate but YouTube does have an Auto Translate closed captioning function which is actually quite useful and gets you the basic idea. Enable closed-captioning/subtitles, click on the ‘gear’ icon and select Subtitles/CC, then Auto Translate and select the language you want translated to (eg. English). The power of the cloud!

I assume the Auto Translate also works on live streaming so that could make future events more accessible to non-French speakers (probably better than sticking a fish in your ear [in a Hitch Hiker’s Guide sort of a way])

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I just watched nearly an hour of the second video. It is kind of addictive to watch - I can’t stop half way. My French isn’t superbad and can more or less follow what he says, but then peeps speak English in the film fragments and it is always nice to see such talent. I think street/flatland is the most boring to watch, but I like watching trials, muni and freestyle.
Maybe if I had lived in the south of Germany, I would also have been better at muni.
Thanks Maxence for posting the videos.

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I don’t think so. As far as I remember, this option is activated after the video has been published. It would be great to check it before the next time.

C’est la vie… :wink: It would be nice if it did, maybe that will come if it doesn’t work at the moment. Either way it is good to have for the published videos. Thanks for posting them.

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I enjoyed watching - my French is good enough to understand everything, though not good enough to really participate on the French forum. But English-only Mrs Impossible enjoyed it too.

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My French is rubbish, but it was still enjoyable to watch.

Some of the videos I’ve seen before, many I hadn’t so it’s great to be made aware of them too.

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That’s so great to see that our little french idea is so much appreciated internationally! Thank you all for your great support, we’ll try to keep the good work for the next night! :heart_eyes:


Something I’d love to see (probably after the fact) would be a list in the description with timestamps for the videos shown as well as links to where they’re available elsewhere online.

For those of us who don’t speak French we’re probably mostly skipping through looking for them anyway - it’d really help us out!


quick way to learn French: drink (mostly red) wine! (for the other method you need a French nanny :kiss: so I won’t dare go further :arrow_forward: )

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I thought the easy way was just to curse a lot. Pardon my …

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Right! but then you’ll get a terrible Canadian accent (“Tabernac’”) :grin:

Other options include Parisian Suburbs slang, “pied noir” slang - a potent mix of French, Spanish and Arabic: it’s the one I use each time I handle a hammer :smile: - or different hues of Occitan which is a different language most French people don’t understand.

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Seeing the title «unicycle movie night» and I’m thinking, I dont think i can idle for a full length feature film. :stuck_out_tongue::joy::joy:

You still have a few weeks to train :smirk:

Kinda tempted to take the challenge. Endurence idling.

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Hi there! The French Unicycling Federation will host a third Unicycle Movies Night on the 22/04 at 20:30 CEST. It’ll be live on YouTube:

We’ll stream unicycle-related movies for about 2 hours with some guests and it’ll be a lot of fun :smiley:
Almost every discussion will be in French but we’d be happy to have some non-French speakers. :wink:

See you there!