Unicycle movie?

Came across this. Midnight Film Productions looks to be a New Zealand outfit. Wonder what this’ll be?

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

In The Works.

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4 June 2003
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The Film Commission has approved development financing for:

o Christmas (producer Leanne Saunders, writer/director Gregory King) - $10,000 additional equity investment;

o Sione’s Wedding (p. John Barnett, James Griffin and Oscar Kightley for South Pacific Pictures, d. Simon Bennett, w. Kightley and Griffin) - $30,000 for advanced script development;

o Grandma’s Unicycle (p. Sue Rogers for Midnight Film Productions, d/editors Grant and Bryce Campbell) - $55,600 for advanced development;

o Skeletons (p. Juliet Dowling for Essential Cinema, d. Brita McVeigh, w. McVeigh, Emily Perkins) - $7000 for development of a full treatment;

o Here at the End of the World We Learn To Dance (p. Philippa Campbell for Escapade Pictures, d. Kim Gunter, w. Anne Kennedy) - $15,000 for development of a first draft.

Meanwhile, Bright Ideas funding has been extended to writers Rachel Douglas and Damien Drury for separate projects ($5000 each).


…(to be) a documentary. Check out this page and search the word “unicycle”:


That last part, being Jewish, I wouldn’t know about. :wink:

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Re: It’s…

Oops. Quoting instead of editing again. :frowning: