Unicycle Miles So Far!

Since receiving my road 29" unicycle from Scotland, I have ridden it in Ireland nearly every day since (absolutely LOVE it). For June, I rode 140 miles/225 kilometres and for July, I rode 240 miles/386 kilometres. I love road unicycling (especially in Ireland) and I’m excited to explore more on one wheel! Cheers! :grin::heart::four_leaf_clover:

Recent July highlights from my Irish unicycle rides:


I know I mentioned this to you in the past but I have the same unicycle, 29er udc trainer. I have put over 1000 miles on it since buying it used 3 years ago. It has been a trouble free machine for me. I have had no issues with the cotterless cranks , in fact I have enjoyed swapping out the different lengths easily and affordably. I just say I’m also a big fan of the 29 er size. It suits me fine and .over me along at a speed I am comfortable with. You’re looks great. I recently purchased a nimbus 29 road And set it up for longer touring but I still am reaching for my trainer for day to day riding. My advise to anyone looking for an affordable and dependable unicycle this is a great choice.

Ps. I put a bmx brake on mine. I have it adjusted so it’s not grabby, great for keeping you under control on the downhills. Much easier to control than the disc brakes on my other unicycles.

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Yes, that’s fantastic! Wow, 1,000 miles in three years, that’s great.
Mine has never had any problems either, I just have to pump up the tire now and then or rinse it down haha. I have only 125 cranks and they work well, I used to have more hip pain but I think I had pain because I wasn’t used to riding longer distances at higher average speeds (7 to 9 miles per hour average). My max speed is about 17 miles per hour, no brake with the 125 cranks. I’m looking to get a more comfortable saddle and to make handlebars for it, then it’ll be perfect haha.

Glad you have a brake on yours!
So glad to hear that you’re enjoying your setup and I love to learn more about other people’s experiences, thank you!
~ Cedar

Try the air saddle cover if it’s available it seems a little bulky at first but I have found it very comfortable for longer rides. Also alot less than a high quality new saddle.

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I also wonder how many kms I’ve ridden sometimes, but I never kept a diary. I can only guestimate. Some years I had more time than others. Last year I rode close to every week. Generally I ride 10km each trip. Sometimes less, often more. Since Im married, I most ride once every weekend, which means 52 * 10 km. I think 520kms per year is on the shy side, but over the six years Ive been riding now would bring it to roughly 3000 kms. The tires of the 26" and 29" have the most wear on them, but can easily ride many more hundred kilometers. I reckon it depends very much on riding style how quickly a tire wears out and needs replacing. Riding on sand is better for the tire when turning than riding on paved roads.

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Pre Covid I would ride to my train station each day, approx 1.3km, so make that 2.5 or 2.6km each day 5 days a week. Say that was from Dec 2017.

I had an accident end of Feb 2020 resulting in ankle surgery (bad giraffe dismount keeping me off the uni for 6 weeks) then Covid hit.
Since Covid hit, I’ve hardly been to the office, we’ve been having lockdowns and when not in lock down I’d average 1 day a week in the office.

Other than that, I’d occasionally go for local rides, some Uni hockey. I don’t know how many kilometres at all. I mostly track my rides on Strava though but don’t have all my rides on there, particularly my pre-2019 rides.

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Yesterday I rolled through 10,000km on my KH-29. That’s Strava km so there would be a few more not recorded.


Ohhh nice @BruceC. How would I get this same info, or do i need a premium/upgraded Strava account?

I’m pretty sure you can add gear with a basic Strava account. For some reason you have to add it on the webpage, not the app, but you can then select it after every rise in the app.

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Just free Strava. You can only add gear using web not app.

[edit. Sorry that has already been mentioned ]

Found it!! Tagged what I could thus far, distance numbers are not super impressive…anyway, that adds up to 859km on unis.
And there’s plenty of things not recorded. Eg. My whole Denmark ride in 2019. I only regularly started recording rides from 18 July 2020, so a little over a year ago (would coincide with GPS smart watch ownership)…


Ok, I had a look myself. During the 400 days since I joined Strava (I joined on the 12th of July 2020) I have logged 2810.8km (1746.6 miles) of unicycling. That averages about 7km (4.4 miles) a day but of course there are been many days when I have not unicycled at all, so when I do unicycle during a given day, it is usually more than that.

(I do also cycle things other than unicycles, like my penny farthing, footbike, a “normal” bike and an e-cargo bike. So my total amount of cycling per day including unicycles is a fair bit higher, 14.7km/9.2 miles per day and I do not record everything)

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I got my unicycle frame about a year ago and my Strava says that I have put 553km on it, I guess that works out to be about 344 miles. My longest ride so far has been 24km (last Summer). This Summer I plan to do a 57km ride (one for every year of my age. This was inspired by Terry @UniGeezer , although his was one mile for every year of age). I mostly use it for commuting and now I am learning how to ride rougher trails, I am reaching for being able to do some uni MTB trail riding, if possible even this year.



Why do you log your rides? I just use MapMyRun to have a idea how many kms a certain trip is. In previous years I can safely say I rode about every weekend at least once. In holidays or summer I ride during the week too. On average my rides are 10km. Sometimes less, mostly a bit longer, but a 20km run I wouldnt do too often. So to be on the safe side, I could calculate that there are 52 weeks in a year x 10km x 8 ( years Ive been riding ) = 4160 kilometers. I reckon this is still on the low side. My most kilometers are on the KH26 and Nimbus 29”. The latter will soon need a new tire.

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Ok, it’s been a year since I posted this last. Strava says in that time I’ve added about 5000km on the 29" and 600 on the 27.5. I’m happy with that.

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Strava tells me only a further 751.6km (467 miles) of unicycling, since I last posted about a year ago (actually 369 days). I do a lot more than just unicycling, nonetheless I have certainly cut down quite a bit compared with previous years because that is only around 2km (1.3 miles) a day. To increase it again I would need to cut down on the penny farthing, halfbiking and footbiking. However as much as I love unicycling, I am not sure I want to do that. :person_shrugging:t3:

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Consistently over 100km a week for a not young guy who only took it up as an older person. Very well done Bruce :slight_smile:

Thank you, I think… I was surprised to find I’d kept up that pace what with the horrid weather the last few months, short winter days and, as you reminded me, being old. :wink: . Strava is a really great diary and it’s worth making the effort to record every ride.



2022 bump !

My 2022 Strava stats after today’s last ride of the year.

Not that distance is all that important, so long as you had fun or achieved your goals who cares how many kms/miles went by. I did less than last year but just happy to be able to keep up the pace despite pressure on my free time, the crap Sydney weather, my advancing years and declining knees.