Unicycle magazine

Somebody could explain me what happens whit the unicycle magazine because i´m waiting it since october

same here, I’m sure it was suppose to be out early november.
Any news on when we will recieve it?


Due to real life work commitments Mike couldn’t spend as much time as he’d hoped on the second issue after the release of the 1st (He was at NAUCC, UNICON as well), meaning there’s a slight delay in its completion. Just think of it as you’re waiting to get an issue as well produced as you expect, and not rushed just to meet the ‘promised’ release time. Be patient, I’m sure he’ll appear on here at some point to let us know what stage he’s at.


It was said somewhere we can expect to receive it anytime after the 14th.

Unicycle.com uk is getting it’s copies picked up today from the printers… so it is close!

We have also seen samples of the buffs. They were a little bit of problem, Mike did not send enough for all the staff in the office so we have had a bit of a fight over them! they are great.


yes they’re on their way at last!
delays with other work commitments, delays with domestic life, delays at the printers… contingency plans are being made to ensure things run more smoothly next time…

They will be in the postal system before the end of the week! Depending on where you are in the world, it is meant to be up to two weeks for delivery


No worries, just glad to hear that they are not being rushed and that we get to read them soon. You should take it as a compliment that we keep complaining, it means we can’t wait to read it!

Keep up the good work,


Harry, that would be a great name for a coker.