Unicycle level badges...

I know this has nothing to do with a unicycle…but…I have the badges for rider level, 3, 4, and 5…If anybody has 1 and 2 that they are willing to give to me (or sell for a VERY small price) then tell me…



they make badges for uni levels?

I think if you join the unicycling society of america you can order them for $1.50 each.


so i took a look at all those badges in jerricks link… why is there only 1 level 1 included? you would think there would be the most of those since most people can attain that level…

am i missing something here?

I’m guessing most of the Level 1 badges he had were issued to folks that never went for Level 2, etc.

Thus, more 2, 3, 4 than 1. Make sense?

And the first badge would be a “rider” badge, I believe, and there’s none of those. Oh, LiLpunk2012, where did you get the badges without getting the first one’s? Do you have the USA badge that these go around?

I believe there should also be a “rider” badge that comes before level 1. Plus all these badges go around the big USA badge as you earn them.

There is a green Rider Level patch available to go along with the Rider Level certification card, we just don’t have any left.

As for the location, we sewed them around the perimenter of the big USA patch on the short sleeve of our club shirt but there is only room for six (including the Rider Level patch). There is no set way to display them. Several TCUC display them down the sleeve of a jacket, one underneath the other. We’ve seen them displayed many different ways.

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