"Unicycle Jousting" Popular Search on MSN.com

“Unicycle Jousting” is right up there with “Clara Harris” and “Amy Fisher” as one of the top five most popular searches on MSN.com. Check it out. http://www.msn.com/
How many of you have tried unicycle jousting?

I saw that too… I had a hunch that kind of “top five” list was a bunch of bullsh!t, but now I’m certain.


Sure, I’ll give it a try. We jousted in cardboard armor on skateboards in cub scouts… man my troop leader was cool :slight_smile:

jason…i say we start the ‘santa cruz unicycle jousters’ club.



ME and my friend grabbed two huge orange road cones on this construction place and we jousted with them, we got it on camera aswell, I could show you if the gallery let me make and album, but it wont so i cant.
it was awesome though

Jousting has been a suggestion for a Computer Science Club fundraiser (Have a “tournament”) but since I’m the only one in the club that uni’s, the idea was nixed :wink:

we used poles wrapped in foam, like in gladiators, and we used to chase each other round the room with them.

Great Fun…

Y’know how passers-by say “you’re crazy” when they see us riding trails / trials? I’m beginning to think they’re right.

I say we light ourselves on fire and duel with chainsaws on unis on the side of a cliff. Whoever loses has to go over the edge of the cliff. Now that’s entertainment!

My brother and I had a real nice Uni-Joust match. He made thes egreat sheilds with thin wood and 3inch thick cardboard stuff (really strong, really light), and then we had some badmitton poles with tennis balls on the ends as jousts. It was fun. Bent the poles all up, but it was fun.

I lost all 4 or 5 matches. Damn you Sockmonster!

I’m in. Can I use my 26er Road Cruiser to build up more speed?