Unicycle in Thailand

Hi everybody,

I have just returned from my trip to Thailand where I did some circus workshops in The Mercy Centre. If you would like to read about my trip and see some photos have a look at http://www.australia.unicyclist.com/thailand.htm

There are lots of photos so those of you with slower connections will have to be patient.

Wayne van Wijk

Amazing Acts and
Excellent Entertainment

Thats very cool Wayne!

Unicycling is certainly a great way to travel. Looks like the kids really enjoyed themselves.


Re: Unicycle in Thailand

When we were in Saigon Vietnam 2 years ago there was a school for
underprivilaged children that was holding an open house. As it turned
out they also had a ‘Circus’ theme. Juggling and Unicycles etc. They
were good at it to, I was impressed, only started myself the same year
on a Norco 20".
Maybe the schools are associated?

We go to developing countries every year, I’m taking my Uni next time
to entertain the locals for sure! Would be nice to take the KH24 but
it’s a bit heavy to lug around on the local buses all the time.



Sounds like a great trip. Thanks for sharing your experience and the photos.

Did you happen to encounter or even hear about this place?

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ