Unicycle hub on eBay... cheap


I bought one of these from this guy last week for $3.95. He’s raised the buy-it-now price to $9.95, but it still seems like a good deal. The hubs look like a Semcycle Deuxe, but I can’t say for sure untill I get mine, hopefully tomorrow.

cheers… Mojoe

It also looks like the schwinn hub that is an odd size:


I took the gamble on one 'cause it was cheap. Got it today and the gamble really didn’t pay off. It’s the oddball Schwinn type hub. I slipped a bearing from a Suzue over the taper and it slid right up to the flange. So, it’s a smaller diameter than the Sem.

I got my hub today too. Unicycle.com.UK lists the bearings needed for this hub as a LJ5/8-2RS. Is this a standard bearing that I can get locally, if not, then where? The bearing ID is 5/8 inch, but what is the OD of the bearing? I hope it’s 40mm.

I’m worried about bearing holder/spoke flange clearance if I use this hub on my Coker frame. I think I’m going to build it into a new 29er wheel instead. With the GB4 29er frame, the inside of the bearings are flush with the inside edge of the machined bearing holders. This will give me a lot more clearance over the stamped Coker bearing holders.


its not the end of the world, bearings come in many diferent sizes.
and tai frames have a bit of margin for error so you can use bearings to within a few mm +/- tolerance without problems. even more with shims.

have you seen the spacers that semcycle use that fit betweenm the hub flange and the bearing? looking at my susue hub i can see that the spacing on each side is slightly difernet. perhaps all hubs should be fitted this way?

Good news! I local sourced some bearings for the Schwinn hub today. They should be in tomorrow or Friday and they only cost $6 a piece. That’s not as bad as I expected. Now to get some 5/8 ID washers to space the bearings away from the hub flange. It looks like you can’t use to many spacers or the bearing will be crowding the spindle tapers and cranks.

Compairing this hub to my Coker hub, the Schwinn hub’s flanges are 2cm wider than the Coker, but the outer ends of the spindle are narrower.

I think the current plan for the Coker hub is to saw it in half and widen it up a bit.

I’ll post an update on the Schwinn hub after I get it built into a RhynoLite rim.

cheers… Mojoe

I got the bearings for the Schwinn hub today. The box was labled 6203 2RS 5/8, and the bearings themselves were marked 6203 2RS 10. I assume the 10 stands for 10/16 of an inch. ID is exactly 5/8". OD is exactly 40mm. Width is exactly 12mm. So they are a 6203 with a 5/8 inch bore, just what I needed.

I pressed them onto the hub with a 2mm or 3mm brass spacer between the bearings and the hub flanges. The bearings are just starting to cover the square taper. I tried it in the Coker frame, but there’s not enough clearance for the bearing holders. I tried it on the 29er with machined bearing holders and there is plenty of room. The BE cranks that I use don’t slide up the spindle tapers very far, so I should have enough clearance between the cranks and frame. Now to get a RhynoLite rim and build it up.



Another angle.


I wonder if the new bearings are wider than the Schwinn bearings. That would explain why your bearings are poking their nose over the start of the square taper.

Do you use a spacer with a schwinn frame, or do you press the bearing against the flanges? The bearings are exactly the same width as the bearing surface. Clearance wouldn’t be an issue with a Schwinn frame since the bearings are wider than the frame, right?

I put one of my BE cranks on it tonight, and there will be plenty of room between the crank and the bearings. I just hope the Schwinn hub is strong enough for 29er duty. I think it will, since I never even hop with the 29er, I just plow over everything.