Unicycle holder

Does anyone have a good plan for a holder for a unicycle?, it should stand
on the ground.

Anders Rustad
Trondheim, Norway

Is this what you mean?


– Dale

any of those ‘big red hooks’ you by at wal-mart, canadian tier, etc…

mounted to the wall (or two hooks coming out of the ceiling) will get your unicycle stored, out of the way

the problem with those ‘stands’ from uni.com is that they are still on the floor, still in the way, just upright.

Hanging a uni on the wall works so much better for room constraints.

Re: Unicycle holder

On Sat, 19 Apr 2003 15:24:57 -0500, dale.nichols
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>Is this what you mean?

Link doesn’t work.

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Re: Unicycle holder

On Sat, 19 Apr 2003 22:26:57 GMT,
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>Link doesn’t work.

OK now it does. But what an expensive stand that is!

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I bought a cheapo unicycle years ago, and it came with a stand. I can’t really describe it (or draw it), but it works with frames with round forks (it doesn’t work for my schwinn). Basically, the tire rests on the base, and the frame rests against a curved spot at the top. You could probably build one out of something a little stronger than coathanger wire (and it would be much cheaper than the other one!)
I’ll see if I can’t find it or draw a picture. Really simple contraption, but it worked.

Here’s the picture (hopefully). Sorry if it isn’t very good, but I haven’t taken drafting in ages. Still confused? I probably would be.

uniholder.bmp (254 KB)

Like this? http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=409

I have one like that and one like this- http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=408

The second one works better but it only holds unicycles with wheels up to 20". And it’s out of stock indefinitely so probably won’t be back.


This should be what they are talking about…It came with my Uni…I got it from…Bicycle-source Make sure you tell who ever you get it from the size of your unicycle. There is different sizes according to your Uni…Enjoy…Keithmj “Like the one Nikkifrog links to.”


Re: Unicycle holder

I was thinking this thread was asking for info on a holder when working on a uni, but most responses focused more on just an “at rest” stand. I know Unicycle.com has the “shop stand” for holding unis during repairs, but I’m wondering if any of the Muni Vets have any suggestions on building a decent shop stand versus shelling out $130 for the manufactured model.