Unicycle Hockey and Trials in Telluride

Hi everyone. Here are a few pictures from the Telluride Mountain Film Fest weekend, unicycle hockey game, and the trials car on mainstreet. It was a great game sponsered by HornyToad, everyone had a blast. And the trials was a big hit thanks to Jon Sapp for setting up the car. I don’t have any action shots of the trials just the group shot.


picture #2


picture #3


Looks like an awsome ride! Man, I’m surprised that even the younger kids have trials cycles! Most of the time (especially at North Bend) the younger kids are boppin around on rounded crowned suns, savages, cyclepros, aveniers, and raleighs. Here’s a toast to kids with nice unis (and more importantly nice skills!)

Telluride has some very talented and enthusiastic young unicyclists. Kris Holm has done a lot to inspire them, he has been comming to the Telluride Mountain Film Festival for many years and has presented many of his films here. This is the first year in six that he has missed it. Last year he did a great trials demo in the Mountain Village with Hans Ray (No Way Hans Ray) and local unicyclist Jon Sapp. I hope he will make it to next years festival. The festival is allways on memorial day weekend and it is a great event featuring mountain and outdoor adventure films from around the world.

Dan (and everyone),
Thanks for posting the photos - sorry we couldn’t come this year. Looks like you had a blast.