Unicycle handle question

Does anyone know where I can buy I handle like in the bottom picture? Or how you start building one?

Thx :slight_smile:

I’d PM brycer. Looks like a fairly standard custom bar setup, with some aerobars, to me.

Yeah, It is a custom setup so PM Brycer1968 like Peripatet said. I think it’s been done by few other Coker riders also.

Bronson Silva, of Silva Cycles, can make custom handlebars.

He can use ones based on my designs:

This one works great, and is quite versatile:


I have a distance bar set including aero bars similar to what was shown in that picture that I’m willing to part with. PM me if you are interested. If it is inteded for a Nimbus 36 or KH36 frame, the install should be relatively easy.