Unicycle groups in Surrey, UK?

Having been the proud owner of a DM Ringmaster unicycle for a few months now,
I have now managed to progress beyond the “too embarassing to be seen in
public” stage.

i.e. I can :

  • ride forward until my leg muscles give out
  • freemount (usually)
  • turn in a fairly wide circle

So far, I’ve been riding on my own which isn’t too much fun, so I would like to
find out if there are any unicycling groups or workshops in my area (I’m based
in Guildford, UK) which I could join up with.

So if anyone knows of any groups in the Surrey / West London area, I would be
most grateful for that info.

Many thanks

Mick Whitehead

(email mick.whitehead@nmp.nokia.com)