Unicycle game - claims to be "hardest game"

Curious if anyone on here had seen this, and tried to play it… and had any luck whatsoever?

It appears to be a flash based game so it might not work on all devices etc. Worked fine here. Anyway, it claims to be the hardest game but for me it’s pretty much impossible.

That was pretty hard, I played it for a couple minutes and kept getting stuck at the dead pedal position just like learning in real life. I don’t plan on playing it again. There was an IOS app of a unicycle that someone linked to here a while ago that was a lot better.

It seems a lot like the game QWOP, but easier to fall. My best was about 1.5 meters, and my best on QWOP was about 50 meters. It’s definitely harder than QWOP, and I think it may be harder than the World’s Hardest Game. I don’t know of any other too hard games except SMB3, but that’s just long.

8.89 meters in about 15 minutes. AKSL over and over again in that order.

The first A moved the wheel back a bit, let it fall forward, try to press K at the right time so that he brings himself forward and over the dead spot in the pedal but doesn’t get behind the balance point, then you’re home free after that.