Unicycle Frame mods

Are there any vendors or resellers of modified 36" unicycle frames.

I would like to find a 36" V frame similar to the Green Florian monster.
Something that would accept my existing nimbus 36" wheel and bearing.

I don’t posses any welding skills so I need to find something prebuilt or hire someone else to do it.

Yeah, I would dig a 29" V frame for touring aswel :sunglasses:
I would realy buy one (if it’s not overpriced)

Oh Nimbus (Roger), or KH (Kris) are you reading this???

I allready mailed Roger 2 weeks ago, got no reply yet

Yep, I’m guessing you aren’t nearly the only one who is looking for someone to manufacture a V frame for their 36er. I second the notion.


Hey, Whats a “V” Frame? ;(

Like Pete Perron’s “Purple Phaze”, “Red Menace” etc. The frame is a V-shape with the axle at the bottom, saddle on one tube and handlebar on the other. Gives a bike-like riding position without having to have an enormous rod sticking out from the front.


Here are pics of Pete Perron’s three V frames.

Purple Phaze

Red Menace


Florian Green

Purple Phaze and Red Menace have Pete’s own gearing mechanism. Florian Green has a Schlumpf. Sweet machines all.


Florian Green.bmp (900 KB)

Stop taunting me with these beaties.
Someone start making these in 29" and 36" versions NOW!

Those unis have some awesome looking frames and that guys gered hub looks even cooler! Does his hub work better then the Schlumpf?

I see a handful of people in this thread and another in Ken’s “Road Unicycle Set-Up” thread who want such a frame. Do two handfuls of people justify mass production of a frame? I think not.

Instead, as with the existing frames, I believe someone will have to hand-build each frame. Who’s going to pony up the ~$1000 USD to make such a frame?

Answer me that and we can start talking about making frames. :wink:

Kill Joy…:wink:

~$1000 is overkill. Specially when the frame are small steel tubing. I know of a guy, that if I gave him the plans, measurements and all that, he’d be able to make a few frames for free. Other places the material, bending, and welding would still be a lot cheaper than $1,000, and getting an experience welding friend to do it would make all of that even cheaper while still getting a quality job done.

The free frames are already spoken for right now for another project, either using aluminum or titanium. We havent decided yet but we have the basic design. Last thing we need to focus on are machined bearing holders… Should be sweet.

Anyways, I dont know of any resellers of pre-modded uni frames or v-frames (T/7 frames anyone? lol), so your best bet would looking at local shops and hobbyists who could set you up.

How many times have we heard that on this site? How many times have such plans panned out?

And this?

There’s a bit of a difference between some steel slapped together by some guy, and a quality frame made by an experienced frame builder.

If I were about to embark on a unitour, I’d want to be damn sure my frame is going to withstand the abuses of luggage handlers, flatbed trucks and rough roads. How much could I trust a freebie made by “a guy I know”?

Any new design of frame is a bit of a gamble to see if it will sell.
Like the double crown from KH.
But look at how many people ride a T7 or Coker bar on there uni’s.
A V-frame will be like the same, except that we can put more parts on the uni as handlebars, and it can create a better tuck position then the T7.
But I emailed Nimbus, because there current 36" frame has a simular design.
So they just need to adjust there design a bit and then they have a realy good distance frame.
I’m telling you, V-frames are the future in distance riding.

To Jerrick: If you get hold on some plans (maybe mail Pete Perron) I would like a 29" version. Will pay shipping ofcourse.

You hear it a lot. Because its true for us here. But we are also lazy. One shop that we showed bearing holder design to said there was a patent on it, which was screwy. But others have offered for cheap or free that all we need to do is give them the cad version of the design and theyll do it.

And why is it that because its free you think its going to be cheap quality build? Here we can have a welder, went through all the school, apprenticeships, has 20+ years of experience and he goes “Yeah, I can make about 2 or 3 of those for free for ya if you get me the plans.” But nah, screw that, his free stuff is going to be some weak crap. Lets spend more money then needed, cause we all know, the more expensive something is, the better its going to be. Or do you think wed be going to some craft stores soldering class, or better yet, let some senior do it as his culminating project?

That would just be crazy stupid for the most part.

Anyways, the resources are readily available, there are many people here to do and they have more than enough skill to do it, but building frames isnt high on my priority list. Maybe I can whip Phil into working on it some more, but I think his first project will be aluminum roundcrown (Still any intrest in those?) before he moves on to anything else.

All makes sence what your saying.
And roundcrown alu frames: yes there is demand for them

If Joe Welder has spent 20+ years making construction scaffolding, how does that qualify him as a master framebuilder? I don’t see why you give the guy so much credibility despite the fact that (as far as you’re telling us) he’s never built a frame before.

I know that a good framebuilder knows what his time is worth. You’re not just buying welds with that money, you’re buying craftsmanship and reliability.

“V” Frame

Thanks Rob for the explanation, and naturequack for the pictures.

 I've never seen these before, and I'm really into building things. Most know me for my suspension unicycles and custom off-road frames. but this is new to me, as for :Joe welder who,s welded for 20+ years, my bet is that he has better welds than most frame builders. But again I wouldn't want him to design the frame. As for me? my qualification is that it's a hobby. As far as skill, I have designed and built items that are presently on Mars and still working. But I am not a qualified "Frame Builder"


When we turn you all into V-frame converts.

Or we see a few races and records being done on V-frames :wink: