Unicycle for my little sister?

My little sister wants to get a unicycle and learn how to ride, so I beat her up. I can’t have any of this imitation stuff…

Just kidding. I am trying to figure out what size she should get.

She is 12 years old and 61" tall. Should she use an 18" or a 20"? Which will be easier for her to learn? I have only used a 20" so I can’t speak from experience.

The unicycles I am looking at are the 20" Sun

and the Torker Unistar CX.

For 18" There is only a Sun.

Or I could give her my old 20" Savage.

Measure her inseam then get her a uni with a minimum inseam requirement less than hers, but not much less. Get the one that is the closest to her without being too short.

my sister is 11 and 61" also. With my summit down to the lowest it will go she can ride comfortably. I would get her a 20", then when she gets older she can still use it. I would go for the Torker. Suns have cheapo steel rims. The torker on the other hand has an alloy rim.


I would say that a 20 inch will be fine. It might be a tad big, but I don’t think so. All of the uni’s you have listed are decent, but the Torker LX is a much better option. It will last much longer and has a much better saddle in addition to a better rim and frame. It’s a tad more expensive, but well worth the extra cost.

Good luck on whatever you get.

I wouldnt recommend an 18", it’s the tire and rim selections are very, very limited.

20 inch is good. My daughter, Andrea, is now 12 and exactly 5’. She has always been petite and started several years ago on a 20" . She currently is on a Sem Longneck frame, fits her like a Wyganowski.

If you’re on a budget go with the Sun, she will not like the kiddie seat on the Torker CX.

Again I agree with Daniel, if you can afford it, go with the Torker LX; you will get both a flat crown and a far superior seat.

Re: Unicycle for my little sister?

On Fri, 16 Jan 2004 21:47:12 -0600, Rayden
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>She is 12 years old and 61" tall. Should she use an 18" or a 20"?
20" all the way. It’s much more a standard size. I’ve seen kids of 5
learn on a 20". (For them a 16" might have been better though.)

>will be easier for her to learn?
18" might be a tad easier, I’m not sure. But the difference (if any)
would not justify buying an 18".

Only on here does this phrase make perfect sense!

Absolutely 20 inch
Both my children (6 and 8) learn on a 20 inch.
Seatpost is first too long, but it can cut little away.

my little bro is also interested in learning. He’s about 5’9" (remember, little is relative, im 6’2")

i’ve got my summit seat all the way down, and its still too short

from seeing the videos, he’s already decided he wants to do MUni

he wont learn on one, but do you think he should learn on a 20" or a 24"?

simple answer


its easier to ride, and much quicker, although a 20 is easier to idle on, which is important

Whats with using Inchs?

Id get her a 20" and insist on her learning freestyle :wink:


Eh I dont think it makes that big of a difference. I have found alot of beginers find wider tires easier than freestyle tires. They dont turn as sharply so it makes it a bit easier to focus on going forward and just riding.

I dont see anything wrong with teaching someone to ride on a muni, but a 3" Gazz probably wouldnt be great due to the way it handles on hard surfaces. Other Muni tires dont have that problem though. If your not against It I would have a sybling learn on my uni just to see if they like it or not, especially when your so close in height.

Re: Unicycle for my little sister?

On Sat, 17 Jan 2004 13:04:09 -0600, Bonduranto
<Bonduranto@NoEmail.Message.Poster.at.Unicyclist.com> wrote:

>do you think he should learn on a 20" or a 24"?

If both are available, then I’d say 20". People learn to ride 30%
quicker on a 20" as compared to a 24".

I don’t understand why people moan about how Gazzaloddi tires suck on pavements. I totally disagree and think it works fine on any surface. I prefer it to a narrow tire, the only drawback is the cost. A slick tire costs about ten times less to replace (in NZ). Other 3" wide MUni tires behave similar on hard surfaces. Maybe your legs are too weak to cope with the weight of the tire Checkernuts, or maybe your cranks are too rediculously long and give you the impression of riding slow. Maybe you have too much pressure in the tire. Gazzaloddi should give a nice soft bouncey ride on hard surfaces.

Give her your old Savage Rayden, but chuck a nice seat on it or she won’t enjoy Unicycling as much, and might be put off.