Unicycle For Cancer Research Uk!

hi, my names Peter Russell,
im 15, live in long eaton (near nottingham),
I beleive im a fairly good unicyclist,
and have been having this mad dream since my best freinds mum died of cancer about a year ago now, and my girlfreinds best freind died of cancer about 2 months ago, that about 20 unicyclists could come to beeston (near nottingham again)
and basiccaly just unicycle to grab peoples attention and then try and get donations from people to go to the charity “cancer research uk”
this idea has been thought through lots of times by myself and if it could go ahead i would put posters up in shop windows around the surrounding area,
and inform the local media.
I know this sounds like a random stab in the dark but if this could go ahead,
imagine the publicity for Cancer research and unicyclists alike,
(not to mention meeting new unicycling freinds).
if this went ahead the date would probably be sometime in later june on a saturday because the amount of people in beeston on a saturday is huge and the atmosphere is realy happy and lively.

anyone that thinks this is a good idea and thinks they would be able to participate in the event please email me (liddle-peter@hotmail.com) or leave a message on this forum.if you think you could contribute to organising the event please email me.

thanks so much for taking ur time to read this

Great idea, but my suggestions would be to have something more focused in mind and avoid the end of June.

This is just an example of something more focused that I was involved in.

Do you have a similar trail somewhere near you?
I think that having a target that looks challenging increases the amount that you are likely to raise.

The end of June is already very busy in unicycling terms, a lot of riders will be in Canada for Ride The Lobster http://www.ridethelobster.com/ , and others including myself will be at Mountain Mayhem http://www.mountainmayhem.org.uk/ . So although July is more traditional holiday time you may get more unicyclists interested if you shift that way.


thanks for your advice,
i can see where your coming from.
so yes i guess your right if it does go ahead itll probably be earlier than that,
as you’ve probably guessed its just an idea at the moment,
and as for trails…
well theres allways homlock stone (search for it on youtube)
but i was just thinking more beeston because theres many interesting features such as stairs, walls, platforms and grinds.
not to mention a multi storey car park.
so i beleive it would be an ideal event if it went ahead.
but thanks again for your advice, i will bear it in mind :slight_smile:

hi again,

ok so ive had time to think about it now and ive decided if the besston unicycle meetup does go ahead (which it most likely will), it will take place on saturday the 24th of may (this month).
starting around 11:00am and finishing probably around 3:00pm - 4:00pm
this will not a massivly formal event,
just a chance to get your uni out the garage and get some practice before some of the major events such as “ride the lobster” and other large unicycle meetups that will be happenind around july time.
there will not be a fee etc to join us or anything like that but as it is though up to be a fund raiser, all donations are much apreciated.
there will be a bucket or something similar with “uni for cancer” or somthing on it for anyoneb to drop in donations.
if youre worried about parking theres a multi storey literally 30 seconds from the spot (beeston town centre) and also a bus depot seconds away.
im planning to invite the “EMU” (east midlands unicyclists).
im not sure if anyone would turn up, (im hoping about 5 minimum) but the people of beeston are very freindly folk and are very possitive toeards fund raising.
So please if you fancy raising some money or just practising on your unicycle come down and have some fun.

p.s the spot i have planned is brilliant there are steps, drops, walls, gaps and platforms so brilliant for any unicyclist. :slight_smile:


thanks for reading :slight_smile:

I will probably come along, for the simple reason that it is only about 5 mins ride from my house. However, I’m not sure how much appeal it will have for the rest of the EMUs, as there are very few trials riders there. They all play hockey, most mUni, a few do freestyle and some of us are more distance riders.

As I’m training for Ride The Lobster, I may well make Beeston the start and finish point of a longer (fancy a 50 miler Joe?) ride though, as the idea of just idling with a bucket in my hand doesn’t hold that much appeal.


I’m in Beeston, but I can’t do this - am too frantic with training at the moment, and also will be in Australia and/or on a plane back from Australia that weekend. To be honest, I’m not a trials rider at all at the moment - distance & muni (and a bit of hockey), and I’m pretty busy so I doubt I’d have the time to spend a day in Beeston square anyway.

Some other unicyclists in the area are in Notts university jugglesoc

They will be frantic with exams at this point, and will mostly go home for the summer.

Like Ian said probably a better thing than just hanging out in Beeston would be to do some kind of trip - the easiest thing assuming you have a small wheeled uni like a trials or whatever is to do one of the organised sponsored walks, but take your unicycle, there are loads of sponsored walks organised all round the country, probably one somewhere near Notts, and it’s much easier to be part of a big walking event than to organise your own.

If you have a bigger wheel, like a 29 or 36, then there are sponsored bike rides, like Manchester to Blackpool, that unicyclists often ride in, again easier to hook on to bike events that to organise a special unicycle one.


thanks for the interest :slight_smile:
urm, sorry dint reeli mention it butr wasnt just looking for trials riders,
but pretty much freestyle street and trials, but pretty much any level unicyclist is welcome.
thanks again.
and yeh i know what you mean,
any ideas? but seen as i only have a 20" atm cnt reeli do much more…

The majority of the riders on the Bristol to Bath ride I mentioned earlier were on 20"s, and that ride was 14 miles along a cycleway.

We had no retirements, the only struggler was one of the larger wheels, he had a dodgy knee when he started and the only mechanical failure was with one of the support push bikes. They were carrying tools and tubes and collecting money from people we saw along the way.

So don’t feel that only having a 20" limits you that much, be adventurous, set a target that sounds hard and you will attract a lot more sponsership as sponsers will be in admiration of what you attempting to do.

realy? well in that case maybe it will become more of a distance ride…
any 1 got any ideas for a route? probably about 10 miles long?
starting and ending in beeston?
any ideas welcome :slight_smile:

This is part of my territory: I used to live in Attenborough, and I cut my unicycling teeth riding around the nature reserve 21 years ago. I now live in Carlton, and in the summer I often ride along the river as far as Long Eaton and Sawley.

If you are collecting for charity, you will need a collecting permit. This is not optional. Local authorities have a responsibility to control how many different charities and organisations are collecting in a given area.

Charity collectors, although they mean well, can be regarded as a nuisance. If there are too many, each volunteer collects very little. If the Salvation Army or PDSA is having a carefully organised flag day, having applied for the proper permits, they will be entitled to be cheesed off if you just turn up on their patch with a bucket.

There are also rules about collecting in sealed containers, and having the collections audited. This may sound daft, but unfortunately not everyone is honest. Any crook could jangle a box marked “For Cancer” then spend the money on cigarettes.

(See what I did there?)

And if you are going to collect for a recognised charity, you need to liaise with them. You will need their permission if you’re going to use their name and their logo.

Then there is safety and public nuisance. Public buildings, walls and steps are not yours to ride and grind on. You may get away with it “within reason” but if 20 people turn up and start doing it, you should be stopped.

I am all in favour of your idea to use your unicycling to raise money for a good cause. A safer idea is to organise a sponsored ride, or a sponsored uni-hockey game or something like that.

If you want a route for a 5-10 mile ride, you can cut through to the river near to McDonalds on the LE to Beeston Road and ride downstream (river on your right) through or round Attenborough Nature Reserve, through to Beeston marina, and if you like, right down the canal or the river almost to Trent Bridge. In the other direction, it is easy to get to Sawley Marina, and then there is a maze of narrow empty lanes as far as Kegworth. This is all challenging and interesting riding, and achievable on a 20 or a 24.

Alternatively the canal that runs alongside Tamworth Road will give you a 20 mile out and back route. I did a 24 mile round trip up and down that canal on a 24 a few years back.

If you are determined to do trials, I think you’d be well advised to get permission to use private land (a large garden, sports field, school yard, etc.) and pallets and prepared obstacles.

I’d be happy to give advice on routes for rides. I might even be persuaded to pretend to be a responsible adult for a trials event, but not in May or June as it’s the middle of the Morris dancing season.


awr cheers mate this is the kind of info we need :slight_smile:
need 2 look on about how i can get this collecting permit :slight_smile:
cheers a load m8.
plus i think as its going to be a distance sort of ride it will be moved forward to a weekend in september time as im riding a crappy ebay unicycle until my birthday as some b*****d stole my old one!..
hang on a minute how long is the nutbrook nature trail?
8.7 miles aint it?
i think it starts and finishes at shipley park but to make it longer we could always start somewhere and head towards shipley park?
fancy having a go at drawing a route about 15 miles long that involves the nutbrook trail mikefule?
or anyone else? lol
cheers :slight_smile: