unicycle for basket ball

I’m looking to get a unicycle for basket ball. I’m looking to stay with the torker line up (bit easier to get) I was told to stay with 24". I know I want plastic peddles. I just wanted to see if there was any recomendations with torker or any one else. Price range is $200.

Thank you for your time


If it helps I weigh 170

Hi Jeff,

If you are looking for a good unicycle for basketball under $200 I can recommend you the Torker LX 24”. It’s a good unicycle for the price ($149 at Unicycle.com) and has plastic pedals too. The only thing I don’t like about this unicycle is that the cranks are too long, it came with 152 and I prefer 125 on a 24 unicycle because you can go faster.

Good luck!

The only thing the LX doesn’t have is isis hubs the lx pro does but only comes as a 20".

You dont need ISIS for basket ball.

Don’t worry about the hub, we have been playing unicycle basketball for 20 years and have never used isis hubs on our unicycles. The cotterless hub of the LX should be fine for basketball. But if you want a unicycle with an isis hub maybe you’ll have to spend over $200. :roll_eyes:

We’re actually trying to get rid of our LX 24’s from last year:


Great thank you for all the help! :slight_smile: