Unicycle for 11 year old beginner - Which one would you recommend

I am trying to decide on a unicycle for an average sized 11 year old beginner. What wheel size and seat post length (mm) would you recommend? Do I have to pay attention to the seat?

Thank you very much for your help.

What kind of riding does the 11 year old want to do.

a 20" torker LX would be a great learner, and for freestyle.

a qu_ax ISIS trials would be great if he(or she?) wants to do trials, like jumping up and down stuff, and for mountain unicycling.

if the 11 year old is planning to stick with it for a long time and is relatively rich. Then i would recomend that the 11 year old gets a KH 07 trials. In my opinion that is the best if you want to do trials or street or if your a kid do some muni. 20" is the best size for any age because you can do the most on them.

Torker LX is a good one.

I highly suggest not doing this. the 11 year old might start doing freestyle, and then he wouldn’t want a top of the line freestyle uni. he(or she) would be perfectly fine on a beginner cotterless trials uni if he or she wanted to do trials. then after htey have been riding ahwhile, he or she might want something different.

I have a couple dozen students that I have trained which I have sold all Torker LX series uni’s (20" and 24").
Non of them are dissatisfied.
I highly recommend them.
You don’t get a better uni for the money.
It’s priced well and built well.

Have Fun On “One”


I started when I was 11 and I got a torker LX. It’s a strong unicycle, super light, has a comfy seat good for freestyle and longer distances. and if you get better and more insterested you can upgrade to a wider tire for trials or muni. I still use my LX for trials riding. It’s great for learning but also for improving your skill if you are better. A 20’’ wheel will probably be the best for learning and you can do alot of fun tricks on it. For the seatpost height I would allow some growing room so be prepared if he sticks with the sport.

i also recommend the torker lx. for an 11 year old you might need to cut the seatpost down to fit, but that’s easily done with a pipe cutter. For a cheaper and more colorful option, Sun makes okay stuff. the torker is a better uni though.

Thank you very much for everybodies feedback. You guys are very helpful.
Looks like I will go with the Torker.
Thanks again and have fun.

This is weird. I started trying to ride when I was 11. My parents got me a no brand imitation schwin. Based on my experiences, the basic specifications for learning would only be a comfortable seat with seat handles. Turns out the only reason I got a cheap one was because they didn’t think I could do it, and the only reason I actually got it was because they thought they would be “saying” that I couldn’t do it. Then I got the Torker(yes, the LX) and the shin guards, you’re really gonna need them, specially if you’re 11. But the LX is comfortable enough for me. And if said 11-year-old is not going to actually ride it, then maybe re-said person could sell it and make some money out of it, and the unicycle could live hapily ever after! :smiley: Don’t worry about the seat bumper and handle though, they will get scratched up…specially when you’re learning.

EDIT: P.S. I could put a picture sometime about using the stand, so that you can use it and I don’t forget. :stuck_out_tongue: