Unicycle events in New Brunswick Canada

Other than ride the Lobster 2008, are there any unicycle events that occur in Eastern Canada?

Specifically I’m interested if an event is planned in New Brunswick Canada.

Even if there are vendor days where there newest unicycles are displayed/demoed, I’d love to hear about it.

Hey man,

I lived in New Brunswick most of my life, and not much goes on there. I know there are some unicyclists in Saint John these days who are riding a lot of trials and street. You might try to hook up with them somehow. Other than that, you’re pretty much left to yourself to ride and progress. I’ll let you know when I go home for Christmas or whatever. Maybe we can ride.

Kevin McMullin

Thanks Kevin

That would be great.

I’m sure you could give me some pointers.

Drumming Up interest in my area

I have been riding back and forth to work on a regular basis.

People in town are beginning to notice. Kids love it.

I regularly visit the bike shops in town and coffee shops on my uni.

One bike shop has expressed an interest in setting up a unicycle work shop.

Myself and one other person will provide lessons and motivation to others wanting to ride a unicycle.

Hoping to find some indoor facility to host the work shop.

Any suggestions of places or locations to hold it (School, indoor tracks ?)

Unicycle events in New Brunswick Canada

Hey legtod2, you should drop me a line if you ever set up the unicycle workshop…i have a standard unicycle as well as a giraffe. Im sure you could get part of the field house for an hour or two every week. I am just learning how to free mount my giraffe and can do it about 1 every 10 times…but ive only practice for an hour or so. Who would be running this work shop with you?


I have two other riders in my area.

One is pretty good on giraffe, and muni.

Follow this thread an let me know if interested.

Interest growing

During my commute to and from work, I have meet more unicyclist in the Fredericton New Brunswick area.

It appears there are more unicyclist in the area then I imagined.

I travel to and from work on the Bike trail @ 7:00am and 6:00pm.

If you are a unicyclist or interested in unicycling, please stop and talk with me. I am working on setting up unicycling activities for our area.

Also speak with Matt Savage at Savages Bike shop. He can also get ahold of me.

Unicyclist from Moncton and area’s surrounding Fredericton you are not alone.

Hey, I know it’s not NB, but i’m over here in Wolfville, NS. I didn’t bring my uni with me to school this year but I’m always up for a ride. If you’re ever in the area give me a shout.