Unicycle DVD

Why aren’t people like Raphael or Bobousse or Sinco Jim making Unicycle dvds? Do they think that people wouldn’t buy them? Is it just not worth it?

Who else here would spend 10 or 20 dollars on dvds made by these people? I don’t care it might end up on the internet. I not only would like to support these people but I would love to have a full dvd by them. From what I see it also doesn’t look like it would be too hard for them to find the talent for filming. Even a 25 or 30 minute dvd would be worth it… and that is only like 4-8 of their normal videos… Is there anyone else out there that feels this way?

The problem with dvds is that they take a lot of time to be published and many riders land new tricks after they get filmed and publish them for free on the internet.
I am also pretty sure that it is not economical to make them because not many people buy dvds and its costs a lot to travel to all the riders buy cameras…

But luckily there are still some people out there making new dvds (for example dan heaton and some other unicyclists).

I would love to have something like that handy if I wanted to show people what unicycling is all about, I know we have Defect and all but I would love to see some more DVDs. There’s some great riders here that could definitely pull off an entertaining little movie.

i know right

I totally agree with Lutz with the whole tricks been landed after they’ve brought vid out, but every other extreme sport seems to manage. I think we (unicyclists) post shit wayyy to soon, like the day we land a new trick, thus eliminating the option of bringing out DVD’s with new, decent footage. i love these forums, and watch vids ALL the time on here, but i do think it’s fucking up any prospect of unicycling DVD’s being retailed.

And yeah if a bunch of decent riders got together with solid, creative riding with good quality filming/editing i would totally pay for it.

There is way newer and more advanced riding than what I have in universe 2 or defect or one tired guy, but I still put them on and enjoy them because they are entertaining and I like to watch it on a big screen for 30 minutes straight… even though riders have landed newer tricks.

Yeah, man. Agreed. Something like that would be sweeeeet.

thanks for putting me in the list of people that could may be do a dvd, but honnestly, i don’t think that i have the skill to do one
but who knows… may be one day…

you got some amazing skills bobousse!

i think it would be cool just to have a DVD even if there are old tricks in it, as long as the filming and editing are good i think that is the main thing.

Hopefully something new comes out. I want to try to make a road trip video for NAUCC this year, there is still nothing official yet :roll_eyes:

Even a collaboration with some of you guys working together filming in your own locations with your own people.
I just think there is a lot of potential out there for film makers and for people that love to watch uni videos.

How come I’ve never thought of this. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would totally buy a Sam Haber dvd.

You better go out of your way and stop in Chicago before.

A DVD would be cool, but it probably would not be very profitable.

i was thinking about this the other day,there are lots of good skate videos but the only unicycle dvd i liked is defect and even that doesnt have the right feel to it.Watch almost round 3 probably my fav skate vid

if Matty P wasnt so busy with his new business then that could be possible. might still be. would have to get some kiwis amongst the action too for it. its a big project tho. we’ll see next year probably.

and One Wheel Addiction might have basic riding for nowadays but its still probably my favourite unicycle video because of the feel. it brought me back into unicycling after a long break.

i geuss profitability is the biggest issue as the makers generally dont break even and lose money due to such a small market. perhaps dvds would be better once unicycling has expanded and grown a bigger market. im kind of undecided on the whole subject, a dvd would be so much more fun, but so much more work and money.

+1… and a good DVD has the best riders on earth… so if Matty, Poham,… would want to make a vid, they will have to pay so much travell costs because you have to visit so much countries…
I think it is pretty hard to make money with a DVD or don’t lose money with it :stuck_out_tongue:

But I would tottaly buy it =D and I hope nobody will upload it on the internet… (certainly not the first 1 or 2 years after publicing the DVD…)

That is the beauty of our unicyclist community. There are so many of us now with cameras that are nice and a lot of people that know how to use them. it would just take a little bit of work to collaborate between a lot of different people in a lot of different countries.
I don’t know. I understand what you mean about cost effective though. it is hard to use this as a money making venture. but than again, its hard to make money with our great sport so I think of it as something like by unicyclists for. unicyclists.

Kinda like how Xavier Collos sent footage for defect, pretty sure they didnt go down and film him.

I think there are quite a few videos done like that.

i think Mutiny Bike’s ‘Stoked On Being Pumped’ (SOBP) is a good example. they go out and film a big DVD and release it but after a a year or so they release the sections onto their vimeo account as most of the riding is no longer as exciting as it used to be when it was released on DVD. they then start filming for a new DVD (Lets get mystical (LGM) is online now too) around the time the old one is put online. they also make the occasional small online video just to keep up interest. i think this would be the way to go.

As long as people acting like those who upload Defect on youtube complete, why should a producer had interest to invest a lot of money and even mor time to do a great DVD which end then finaly again on youtube.
Jess Riegel did the DVD project for the Unicon in Denmark for example. He came over form the US and film a lot and did an amazing editing and we hand it out for free / donation option but nobody was spending a cent for it :wink:

The option to use mixed footage filmed by the riders will also not lead to the target of an smooth and awesome DVD as you expect it.

So once there will come the next big unicycle DVD, support it well and respect all the work and mybe then some more will start again to produce big stuff.

Musicians make their money today with live shows, not with CD production…