Unicycle Descent of Mt. Elbert - 14,433 feet

Trip Report:

That looks really fun. Way to go. I have a small 9300 foot high hill near me, maybe I should go and conquer that going down. Don’t think I would be able to do it going up! :slight_smile:

Cool GB, I can’t wait to read the details.

Trip Report:

I think it’s pretty standard to hike the ascent and ride down. Be sure to post some pictures from your trip!

Munieering. Blow me down, that’s a cool combo: climb up and Muni down. Think of the possibilities in the Sierras!

Nice job, GB.


I guess that answers my questions as to how Kai’s broken foot is doing.

Kick Ass!

that’s awesome. i gotta get out west and get up/down some mountains. screw this flat midwest crap.

Nice George! Looks like a total blast. Way to go.


here here!, riding up a hill that is better served at walking speed is boisterous.

Yeah, and he had to test how it was healing by falling on that foot repeatedly. So far so good, I guess.

All - thanks for the kinds words!

Fantastic! Great photos, report and effort. Congratulations.

Any plans for the other fifty 14’ers? :slight_smile:
Pyramid should be sporty…


Yeah, I’m thinking I’ll leave the unicycle at home when I do the Blanca-Little Bear traverse (fifth class with huge exposure).

Does that mean you plan to go across the spine of that mountain?

If not, that’s still pretty cool lookin, if you can climb up that, more power to ya.

Climbing’s a blast.

i also enjoyed the story of your uni descent!

Great write-up of a great trip!

An excellent adventure!