Unicycle dad photo

At the behest of some of my fellow Unatics, I’m sending this photo to the
rsu unicycle forum. Enjoy!

This was taken near Columbia Univ, where I was visiting the old haunts
recently. In general, I take the kids about a mile a day like this (from
and to the garage where we park before school). It’s generally safe, since
the stroller provides stability, and it helped that we’ve practiced a few
emergency maneuvers. One time my leg accidentally knocked my daughter’s
wet feet off the crown, and she was able to hold onto my waist for the
three revs it took me to stop. Since that time, we avoid riding on wet

Next stop: Stroller muni?

David Stone

Where is this photo, David?

this is not the 1st time that D,stone has forgot the link to the said photo.

such foul play will not be (how do you spell tolorated)

Not like that! :smiley:

Don’t you go online in a LIBRARY, Jag?

I agree. David, we just can’t have this sort of irresponsibility. Consider your professional unicyclist pay docked one hour.

I hope David doesn’t mind me posting the picture for him…

Dave (uni57), a.k.a. D5


I nominate thee for the ‘unicycling dad of the year award’…

I see theres still space for one on the shoulders, maybe another on your lap?

Any plans for more kids?

Man, that is just too cute!


I’m with you Erin. Too cute. In another word, Gorgeous.


oh come on!!?

as a father of two,i know that this is not only cute but yet another example the spinal damage kids lovingly give us…

just look at D.Stones uni seat post extender,its caving forward under the love.

the foot on the crown?genious!

Thats a great pic, I’ve done the stroller thing several times but not the hitch-hiker-on-the-crown. Great idea.

When Andrea was our only child and fit in the baby packpack I once took a leisurely ride around Green Lake, a local park with a 3 mile paved path, with her firmly strapped in on my back. I thought nothing of it, the general public didn’t seem to mind. After all; I have seen parents skiing with kids in backpacks. Now that seems to have some danger factor.

When my wife got home from work that evening and found out our day’s activities she was mortified. Like I said above; I once took her in the backpack… Got to keep peace in the family. :slight_smile: