unicycle custom t shirts! (unicycle monkey)

hey everyone my name is locke and i’ve been unicycling for 7 months now and i’ve always wanted sweet unicycle t shirts so i decided to make my own designs since i couldn’t find exactly what i wanted! so here’s my shop im working on http://www.cafepress.com/Unicyclemonkey check it out and let me know if you have any designs you’d like me to customize for you ie i can customize the colors of the unicycle to match yours or whatnot.

A great idea - custom unicycle t-shirt thread.

Here is mine:

HeavyPedalist: you should learn your monkey ride an uni

haha i dont have a monkey, sadly. but i like your custom shirt you made! its cool that you did that. if you guys have any cool catch phrases or ideas you want me to design a shirt around let me know and i will surely do my best to make you happy with unicycle monkey’s product line!

HeavyPedalist: I’ve been thinking about something like that


this is what i have all of these on shirts.

gary unicyce.JPG

My only uni shirt so far…

This is the shirt that I had made for my charity fundraiser. Had 100 of them made, and now just have about 10 left. They are X-large, but if anyone wants other sizes I can have them made. They are $20.00 including shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S. Send me a PM if you would like one.

Great thread idea Locke, hope you sell a bunch of them!

RideForGary TShirt.pdf (2.24 MB)

hahaha thats hilarious!!! i will for sure put that up! :smiley:

these are way sick! haha i like em! check out my website if your looking for some more traditional shirt designs! lol

these are all great t shirts you guys have made! my shop is a little less complicated at shirt designs but im thinking i will upgrade to a premium shop if i start selling more shirts! keep posting your ideas and requests you might have!

Unicycle monkey

@vookash, k so i posted that design you suggested!!!

here’s what it would look like on a green shirt! (men’s section duh!) haha

UNICYCLE CAFE PRESS green monkey.jpg

um, i noticed you had the unicycle facing the other direction. and mine is backwards. but i guess he’s doing some unispin on my design! :smiley: haha do you think it should be facing the other direction like yours?

I think it is clever monkey and it can ride both directions… even if it can’t reach the pedals :wink:
Nice one :slight_smile:

You could just put on all the “wheres your other wheel” quotes. “Its on my other unicycle” for example.

How about this, its an original :p:

“Distance riders are unicyclists too (sad face)”


haha xD

Just my 2c worth but I think it looks better in the original attachment that vookash posted. :slight_smile:

hahaha i think some good quotes would be a most excellent idea!! and i will edit that monkey riding unicycle design!

CAFE PRESS Uni monkey II.jpg

@ doc doo, do you like it better? or were you saying exactly like what vookash was suggesting?

I like your revised version HeavyPedalist but vookash’s original version looks like the monkey is UPD’ing which as a UPD specialist I like better! :wink: