Unicycle cranks

Does anyone know a good online distributor for ISIS unicycle cranks, other than UDC? They are currently out of stock of Kris Holm Moments in the size I want. If there is another type of crank out there that is comparable, and hopefully a little less money, I’m open for suggestions too.

Have you tried UDC Canada or bedford?

Nimbus Venture ISIS Cranks are good I’ve been running them for about a month now doing medium trials on them and there still going hard & they are cheaper then KH moments. & way lighter.

I have moment and ventures :slight_smile: perfurrer both lol

I’m just not sure I want something that is zero Q factor, which the Ventures are, right? Is there a noticeable difference in the Moments and Ventures as far as Q factor goes? Does the 10mm make that much of a difference?

When I rid my Venturens for the first time I didn’t really notice any differece

Cool. I’m just going to order the Ventures then, and possibly get some 137mm moments when they get them back in.