Unicycle.com Technical Thread...Don't kill me!

Ok, I posted this in the Requests and Questions section and other people have asked more questions about the topic, so I am posting it here to get help. PLEASE DON"T KILL ME FOR POSTING HERE, IT IS A VALID UNICYCLE< REC QUESTION!

I set up a Unicycle.com webmail account when I joined a few years back. None of my mail stops there, it just automatically goes to the hotmail account that I attached to the account. Now I don’t seem to be able to collect mail in my account at all. How do I change this.

Others have posted that they couldn’t access thier accounts at all. Can anyone help us out. Thanks

Joining unicycle.com? Unicycle.com webmail?
I think I already see a reason things don’t work like you expect.

i think he means unicyclist.com :smiley:

Your username is now your full unicyclist.com address. You should sign in with Beeneratunicyclistdotcom as your username. Your password should not have changed. If that doesn’t do it for you, contact Gilby and he’ll find out what’s screwy.