Unicycle.Com Rocks!

Ok, time to cut UDC some slack.
All you seem to hear about Unicycle.com is people complaining. The only reason you hear this, is because no one ever (or rarely) shouts up if they receive good service from them.

I cant speak about any other UDC than UK - as I’ve had no dealings, but I have heard good things about them.

UDCUK are great. They are always helpful, and if they haven’t got something in stock, they will get it for you! They are a great team of people, who do work hard, and are apparently human - thus they can make mistakes, but are sure to quickly rectify them!

Please feel free to post if you have something nice to say about your Unicycle.Com, as all you seem to hear is the ‘other’ side of the story. Without them, I don’t think we would be where we are today.


The problem was never with UDC UK, only in the US.

I have heard different things from different people, including some ‘celebs’. I don’t think anybody should post what someone said, let them come by and say it straight from the horses mouth so to speak.


Damn right, there’s no way i could have got in to uniing the way i did without UDC, stuff from other manafactureres would be harder to get hold of and a lot of the equipment I own simply wouldn’t exist.

Udc uk have always been great :slight_smile:

I have always had good service and advice from Unicycle.uk.com.


This can be the UDCUK thread then :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve heard some bad things about alot of companies, and I’ve heard alot of good things too… the good things just never seem to get told.

Think its a case of ‘If you like what we do, tell others, If you dont like what we do, tell us’.


yeah UDC UK are very good.

the orders always get here propper fast, most times next day for me.

well done UDC UK

Worst practices ever at USA UDC IMHO

They charge my card right away for a back ordered item. Then they discontinue the item. I complain “you charged me 65 $ (over priced to boot), for these pedals and didn’t ship them.” I get an email saying they will refund my $. Then I get my bank statement a month later and they still have my $. I ask again for my money etc.
Any legit company will not hit your card before they ship the item. Any other web site I have ever dealt with knows if something is in stock. To combine these 2 lamenesses , with a reluctance to return said $ is inexcusable. :frowning:
The reason they charge your account for an item before shipping is a conscious profit maximizing choice they would discontinue if they had any real competition. But really, for a lot of stuff it’s UDC or nothing, and they know it, act like it, and we must just deal with it. They read this forum and could change said rotten policy and post a thread announcing said change anytime they decide to forgo the extra $ it makes them. :roll_eyes:


I posted this on the wrong thread ^^^^:o

I’ve only had good dealings with UDC US in the 2 times I’ve dealt with them!

good things do get told. fairly often even on here. the most goes to KH.
a thread like “this company got the stuff i ordered out that day and they were very friendly and blah blah blah.” isn’t as common because it is expected or at least should be.
where a company who forgets to ship stuff and doesn’t get all the parts in and doesn’t give free shipping for when they forget to send a part…
they deserve to be givin a bad name because they aren’t earning a good name.

I had a great experience with UDC when I needed to return a bargain-basement Sun with a dead hub. They emailed me a return shipping label and credited me back for the purchase just as soon as they got it. I also got my KH 29 through them (via REI) and they emailed me to let me know when the wheel was being built up and when they would ship, at a point when I wasn’t even getting nervous about the ship date. (Disclosure: I work for REI)

I have had six years of flawless service from UDC US involving countless orders for anything from parts to (several) entire unicycles. They are prompt and courteous. Their prices are exceptional. Their stock is flaky but they are a growing company and will make mistakes. If I ever had a complaint I would go directly to them until it was resolved rather than whine on an internet site.

I have had years of flawless service with Darren Bedford as well. He is prompt and courteous as well as EXTEMELY helpful and accommodating. You can go to Darren not really knowing what you want and get exactly what you need at a reasonable price.

I have an annoying habit of making what I want crystal clear with any order. I spell correctly, form clear, complete sentences when making requests, and include all details. Try it sometime.

UDC Australia has fantastic customer service.

Order all my stuff off there gets delivered on time and never broken its brilliant =] but i suppose the us one has a bigger range to deal with as the us is like ALOT bigger than the UK =[


in the two times ive dealt with them yes and shipping was fast plus my order didnt get stuffed up. It seems its only unicycle.com (US) thats has problems if they do i do not know

UDC.uk.com has never let me down, in the past 3 years ive ordered around £800 worth of bits and bobs and not once have i had the chance to complain.I’ve only heard bad things about UDC in the US and they have far more customers so theres bound to be the odd cock-up here and there.


UDC.UK is fab.

I’ve always got what I wanted (and I usually want something different from the stock unicycles).

Most recently I got a bargain price for a metalic powder coating that Roger negotiated from the powder coaters.

I would be much richer if it wasn’t for UDC.UK. :smiley:

I’ve not had any problems with UDC (UK). The people who work there are friendly and enthusiastic (I’ve mostly spoken to Roger and Miark), which is the most important thing I reckon. The only time they did make a minor cock-up with one of my orders they sorted it out straight away. Can’t ask more than that. I don’t know what all the moaning is about (although it does seem to be more directed at the US branch).


Not really. Its just that you only hear of people who have problems with UDC on here, then the others who have had problems join in and make it seem much worse than it is. It really is a jsut a small percent of mistakes being made, and most of those mistakes are fixed quickly afterwards.

A few of the things I have read about people complaining about UDC are just funny though, and the fault lies within themselves, or they are getting greedy and expect to get free things. Makes me laugh at how much “Gimme gimme!” attitude some of them have.

Anyways, UDC does rock, ive ordered frames, unis, and some other parts from them perfectly every single time. The only thing I dont like is the wait, but I cant blame that on UDC.