unicycle.com prices,some up some down

Re: unicycle.com prices,some up some down

This is not only your concern, it is ours as well. We ship at cost and even
so to some places where airshipping must be used it is sometimes more than
the cost of the items.


The UK’s Unicycle Source

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> The main concern in Korea is delivery fee.
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Re: Re: unicycle.com prices,some up some down

Yes, but thanks to Unicycle.com/uk and Unicycle.com (US) and we still get everything over here.


C’mon people lets register so I can check out your profiles. chop, chop, what’s the hold-up?

unicycle.com prices,some up some down

C’mon, Sned… try to stay On Topic now… we’re not talking about “profiles”(the kind people write), we’re talking about “Profiles”(the kind people try to break). Also, your post just wasn’t mean enough. Next time, try something like this:

“You stupid JERKS! Why are you STILL not registered? I want to read your profiles (not the ones you’re oh-so-selfishly trying to destroy in a very gratuitous manner in your pathetic attempts at conspicuous consumption of Unicycle parts while at the same time complaining about the PRICE like the pathetic poor-mouthing, misspelling weasels that you wish you could be!) so that I can chuckle and guffaw and laugh myself silly over your AOL Instant Messenger Handles!”

Try to get with the program, now, Sned! We really can’t abide any loser wannabees posting little wimpy loser posts!

Attaboy! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! More o’Dat! Do It, Sned!

Re: Re: unicycle.com prices,some up some down

Roger! Yes, right. understandable.

By the way, good to see you here. I have ordered an pair of aluminum crank in your site. Remember?.

Finding cheap but decent part is another concern nowadays.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley:

Man sned, on almost every post that i have seen you in your always changing the topic. Why is that?

Hey, how 'bout them Bears! Gonna go all the way this year?

stay on topic


It’s a bit hypocritical of you to make that observation in this thread don’t ya think. I mean c’mon the original topic is about unicycle.com’s prices. :astonished:

I think you’ll notice that several threads lead to new threads sometimes within the original thread and perhaps these “subthreads” should give way to new threads so have a glass of milk and go to bed.



this was directed at you Sned

its true,you are a topic killer.stay ontopic esspecialy on my thread of thee up-most importance!



You’ll notice the only time I changed the topic on this thread was after it was already dead. The topic has run it’s course, there’s nothing more to say. Unicycle.com has great prices on everything. Everybody knows this, but yet you had to let us all know just how cheap you are by quibbling over a $25 change on a quality uni.

Also look @ the first few posts on your topic:

Chessnuttz wants to open a shop.
Unispin -“why aren’t Schwinns avail.”
Accord - “Miyata makes shitty seats”
Scott - “Well he is mean-spirited”

Spanky, don’t expect to have quality posts with a “master of the obvious” topic question like “Anyone else notice $$ changes?” Yes, we’ve noticed some changes; big deal. The convenience of Unicycle.com is worth paying $50 to $100 more per uni.

I think sendhair summed it all up with “It’s the economy, stupid.”

I don’t want to say go back to lurking, but if you or anyone in this forum is gonna start sending out unwarranted negative vibes then perhaps that’s where ya belong, right next to “mr. kozy.”

God Bless:)

Re: unicycle.com prices,some up some down

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> uni_boy50 wrote:
> > *Man sned, on almost every post that i have seen you in your always
> > changing the topic. Why is that? *
> Hey, how 'bout them Bears! Gonna go all the way this year?

YES - if they play like they did today against Vikings!

Couldn’t resist responding. Having graduated from Champaign myself how
could I.

David Winston