Unicycle.com Newbie saying hello

Hello everyone,
The Husband and I have just got our new unicycles today (Club 20" Trainer) and have had our first goes at getting on and off.
It feels rather precarious and unbalanced, and that’s with the support of a door frame :grin:.
The guy at the shop pointed us to this forum and I’m glad he did because I’ll need plenty of help!
**Short term goal:**Stay on the unicycle.
Mid term goalStay on a unicycle without assistance.
Long tem goalUnicycle to a cafe for coffee and cake.


Hello to both of you. I like goals that involve coffee and cake. You are setting yourself up for success.


Greetings, esme! You have chosen a sport that will entertain you and keep you fit for decades to come (if you stick with it until you get passed the first learning process.)
(I’ve been away from the forum, and riding in general, for about a year, so I’m kind of a newbie here myself.) Read through the beginner’s tips threads, there is a lot of good information to be had!
It’s great that husband and wife are taking it up at the same time, you can offer mutual support!
My recommendation is to do regular, short practice sessions. This is about training your brain, and often you do better on a particular skill after “sleeping on it,” rather than toughing it out until you get it. At least, that’s how it tends to be for me.
Good luck, and post pictures! We love to see pics showing peoples’ progress!


Hi Esme, welcome to the forums! I hope you have a great time learning to unicycle :slight_smile:

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It was nice to meet you today. I hope you get on well with your unicycles. You will find that all unicyclists understand how hard it is to learn, so are great at offering advice and encouragement.

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You mean you met the legendary @rogeratunicycledotcom ?
Welcome here @Esme and enjoy your new unis! Perseverance and regular visits to this forum will get you riding!


Thanks everyone for a warm welcome. I have looked through some threads to get some ideas for how to learn and there is plenty of ideas out there and plenty people who had the same problems I seem to have. I will be a regular visitor to this forum though as I progress.

Yes, we did meet the legendary @rogeratunicycledotcom and he was great. Despite us turning up unannounced, he welcomed us in and sorted our unicycles for us without fuss, so a :+1: for his customer service.


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