Unicycle.com is wonderful!

We had our problems with the order, and I got nervous about it being taken care of. But when I learned John owned it the relieve came in. He told us exactly what to do and how he can help. The best customer service I’ve ever recieved. If you have had any doubts about purchasing a Unicycle from Unicycle.com, let them be gone. Anything I need I’m going to them.(Unicycle related that is. =D) And you should too. Thankyou!!!

Everything is taken care of. :smiley:

Unicycle.com is wonderful!



None of us ever had any doubt.

A “miracle”-healed convert is always the most devout, though, so…

Welcome to the fold!

unicycle.com is wonderful!

Well, I’ve ordered two uni’s, and two different hubs on seperate occasions, and two of the three orders were screwed up. I like them a lot though, and ya can’t realy get that stuff any where else, so what are you gonna do? Maybe I’m just bitter right now though, because I spent all evening lacing my new profile hub onto my rim only to realise that they sent the wrong sized bearings so I can’t put the cranks on and ride it. This after it being shipped late (unicycle.com’s fault) and then UPS fucked up and didn’t bring it when they said they would so I had to truck over to the warehousse and pick it up. Grrrrrr… Yeah, I love unicycle.com. I got their bumper sticker on my bicycle…

Re: unicycle.com is wonderful!

This is exactly where I sport a unicycle.com bumper sticker; on the back rack of my bicycle. It seems an appropriate spot to me and I have a hard time wearing my politics and preferred vendors on my cars.

In the future, please bear in mind that many VERY young people read this forum before you choose your words. Thanks.

Re: Re: unicycle.com is wonderful!

Something I’d best bear-in-mind more often, too. Still, JB may innoccently be refering to the old-english verb that refers to the plowing of field, as is commonly used by his kin folk in Apelachia. I’m told that cunning British linguists make the treck to the back woods to study what most closely resembles the diction of their fore-fathers. An interesting fact, no doubt, but shurely pales in comparason to the yarn JB will relate in regards the origen of his moniker? JB?


Unicycle.com is wonderful!


So that’s where all those gangsta-rappers are from!

All this time I thought they lived in East L.A.

Eminem is from Appalachia!

Oh, wait!

The Beverly Hillbillies!

Yeah! Yeah!

NOW I get it!

Plowing… finding oil… moving to L.A… recording foul lyrics as pop art…

It all connects now!

Re: Unicycle.com is wonderful!

They’ve never hesitated to take care of any issues no matter how slight, with purchases I’ve made. I haven’t bought anything from anyone in a while, but when I’m in the market for new gear, if they’ve got it, I’m ordering from them for sure.


Yes, it is true, uni.com has always corrected any problems in shipping in a prompt and courteus manner, although you would think they would make more money in a year if they wouldn’t have to overnight replacement parts to correct mistakes they shouldn’t have made in the first place. Oh well, too bad I don’t live in Georgia, or I would force them to gve me a job in shipping doing quality assurance. That would actually b a fun job, working at uni.com. Maybe they will expandand open a branch in Oakland.
As far as my name goes, it’s origin is unfortunately shrouded in as much mysterey as my foul language and my taste for wierd hairdoos.

You could always consult with your local bike shop for them to become a dealer, and offer to deal with the unicycle end of it, assembling and helping with uni sales and such.


there actually is a shop locally that is a Uni.com dealer, and I did inquire about a job, and they did want to hire me, but at only eight dollars an hour. Needless to say, I turned I down. You cant really live on less then ten an hour around here it seems, not unless you’re used to poverty. I hve to many expensive hobbies, like Unicycling!

Hey Mr. Butter, which shop is that? I’m in the Berkeley area, and I’d love to have a place I could go to try out cycles before I buy. All the bike shops I’ve been to only carry Savages and the like (except for Hank and Frank’s, on College Ave, which had a 16" Torker the last time I checked).


Unicycle . com took care of my Coker problem in an aggressive manner. I am a customer for life! carjug --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Jesus Butter is a potty-mouth.

Did anyone else get a mental image of a bunch of thugs with rubber hoses when they read this line? :slight_smile:

-Jon “You gotta problem wit’ our merchandise?”

jonm, the shop I was refering to is Wheels Of Justice cyclery in the Montclair district of Oakland. They don’t carry an extensive amount of stuff, but they do have some. If you ever need any work done just e-mail me and I’ll do it for free. Do you ride trails or trials? I’m damn (oops, my potty mouth got the best of me again) close to you, we should probably go riding if you are.