unicycle.com dealers...

Hi there !

My girlfriend and I plan to by ourselves a MUni soon. As we live in
Quebec, we’ll have to head south and buy them at a unicycle.com dealer.
There is one in penn. state (Newmilford) and one in mass. (Cambridge).
Does anyone know what they have in stock ? Which one would be the best
place to shop for a MUni ? We’re interested by a 26" Pashley MUni
(standard or power, not decided yet…).

Just another question : We’d like to use it for off road riding, street
riding and progressively harder trails but I like to practice skills like
hopping up and down stair, trials (beginners’stuff though). I know that
the best set would be to have a 20" and a 26" but we can’t afford the
price of 4 Munis now… Should we get 24" Munis then ? Are 26" Munis with
light tires manoeuverable enough to do some trials, hopping, etc, ?
Pashley do not seem to make 24" though…

Thanks a lot for your answers !


I don’t think that most of the unicycle.com dealers carry much in stock. I called the Cambridge dealer once, and at that point they didn’t have any unicycles at all, but that was a while ago. Even if they do have a stock now, its probably just a few trainers, not MUnis. You will probably have to order directly from the Drummonds to get a MUni.

I recommend that if you get Pashley, get the Pashley Power with Myata seat. For MUni and Trials, a fat tire like the Kenda is very important. Also, you will probably want 170mm cranks. The Myata Handle is indispensable, and you are not likely to taco the Sun Mammoth rim unless you get quite extreme.

The other thing to look at in that price range is the Sem XLW, which comes in 24 or 26, and has a flat crown for gliding and one footed tricks.

As for doing Trials on a large wheel, it is a little heavy, but besides that you can do pretty much the same things, and there are some things the bigger wheel is better for (gapping on to skinny things). Kris Holm does Trials on a 24 by 3 tire, which is pretty much the same diameter as a 26 by 2.6.

Hope this helps.