Unicycle.com Customer Service

They’re awesome!
I just got off the phone with them about my Nightrider 36-er frame; it was pretty off-center… I actually thought it was my steel wheel :stuck_out_tongue:

They are sending me a replacement…

Also, I ordered the wrong hub and they sent the right one and just refunded me the difference plus shipping.

Great people… great customer service;I’m very happy with them and as such, am going to order some more stuff right now… even though I don’t NEED the KH street saddle, I want to try it on the 36-er :o

: ) I’ve been pleased with 'em too. I’ve had the great honor of actually going to their showroom because of my location. : D very helpful to pic a uni out when you can ride a few around ; ) I plan to head up there again soon. I even got a little mini-tour of the warehouse!

Yup. They are not the best at getting your order right but have great customer service and will fix whatever they screw up.