Unicycle.com Canadian store

The unicycle.com Canadian store seems to have ceased to exist, another victim of Coronavirus? Anybody know what happened and whether or not it is going to reappear?

Dead before Corona.

zebra, yes I noticed it too when I went to check on some item prices. No idea what happened. Too bad it was a good store.

The owner kept his juggle site (http://jugglegear.com) on which you still can find some unis. In Canada, for unis and parts, we still have Grin Tech (ebikes.ca) and Goudurix.com

Hey Zebra! I bought my KH36 from UDC Canada back in Oct 2019. Got an amazing deal since it was the previous year’s model. Then one day when browsing for other stuff I noticed it was just gone. I quickly emailed the one person I had previously dialogued with and was told
“We’re shutting down the store. It is a small market and we don’t see eye to eye with the Franchisor.” This was back in December 2019. Sad to hear. UDC Denmark also went under apparently.

Hopefully that doesn’t mean that unicyclists are a dying breed.

Yeah it was a shame about UDC Denmark. I had bought from them before but I understand it is a little tough as they are competing with UDC Sweden and others in nearby countries. Only so many of these companies you can have for a niche market I suppose.

It sounds like sales of unicycles generally are good

I suspect it is just that more of them are pushed to just a few bigger UDC stores like UK and US

It’s been a while since UDC Canada received anything. It’s a niche market and hard to live only from that. Canada has unicyclists, but having a UDC shop in Canada would require a pretty unique business style to keep it running. I’m sure we’ll see another UDC Canada opening at some point :slight_smile:

Sales of anything sports has been going crazy, bikeshops are also running out, as well as the suppliers of bikes/bike parts. People seem to be buying more since the pandemic because they spend more time home and more time to play!