Unicycle clubs in the Boston area?

I learned to ride a unicycle in college, way back in 1971-72. About one month ago, I decided to I would take up unicycling again.

I have two immediate goals. The first is to get back to the level I was 30 years ago! (I am, slowly but surely.)

The second goal is to find a unicyle club in the Boston area. I’ve tried to find one on the web, but without success.

Any one out there in Massachusetts, in the Boston area? I would really appeciate the opportunity to ride a bit with a few other folks and get some helpful hints on learning skills.


I live in Easton. I’ve also been looking for other unicycle riders in the Boston area. I started riding this past Christmas. I would definitely like to get together.

I like maybe 4 hours north of Boston, if that counts (which it doesn’t) in Bangor, Maine. My band has a show in Bath which is only about 2 hours from Boston. You’re welcome to go if you want. It’s at the Bath Skatepark on Sept. 11th. Vote for Skawabunga.

I live in the boston area, and i know how to ride a unicycle. There are a few unicyclists in the area, but not many who ride much. I am in wayland not to far from needham. There isnt really a unicycle club in the area but the MIT juggling club has a few unicyclists in it and they have unicycle rides around boston every once in a while. drop me a e-mail at: unicyclejoe at yahoo.com if you would like to get in touch with the MIT club, i dont really know if they still excist this year but its worth i try.

            -Joey Cohn

Thanks for the responses.

I did get in touch with Barry from the MIT juggling club.

MIT Juggling club

Apparently, once popular in the Boston area, unicycling has experienced some sort of decline.

Barry wasn’t aware of any unicycle clubs in Massachusetts.

But he did suggest that I drop by at one of the weekly meetings of the MIT juggling club to see if there are informal unicycle groups. Apparently there are also juggling clubs at Harvard and at BU.


Jeff Putnam (MountainUni1 on these pages) organizes lots of uni rides in the Boston area. You could send him a private message (PM) and get on his email list.

JeremyR was another big booster of Boston area unicycling - but I haven’t seen a post from him in a few months. Don’t know if he is still active, but you could also try to PM him.

I am two hours west of Boston. If you ever head out to the wilds of Western Mass, give me a shout.

Further west (the Berkshires) Ken at the Arcadian Sport Shop (Lenox, MA) organizes weekly Muni rides in the summer.