Unicycle clubs in Dallas,Texas

Does anyone know if there is a unicycle club in or around Dallas,Texas If you do please tell me


Try this:


There are a group of unicyclists in Ft Worth. I’m not sure they read the forums. I’ll try to get someone to respond with email addresses or more details.


Hey there,

Yeah, there are some of us around. Did you just move here? or are you new to unicycling? where do you live? I live right by UT Southwestern right off 35e. Theres a group of us that meet in Fort Worth twice a week…but Im gonna try to get people to meet and ride in dallas at least once a week. Please email me tmmarose@msn.com Id love to ride w/ you. also check out http://www.unipsychos.com/ email jaris or brad…both very cool guys. You should come hang out…everyone is real freindly…its a good time. Hope to hear from you soon.

Fort Worth Club

Thanks for the info on the club. Do you think you could send me more information on where and when you guys meet. I already sent you and unipsychos an e-mail.I really want to get involved in this club and learn more about unicycling.

ok guys i used the search are u happy now?

anyway, i live near dallas and i thought that it would be cool if ppl in the dallas area could meet once a week or so. anyone interested? i know about the unipyschos but my parents would never drive me to ft. worth once a week

North Texas

The following thread has been getting good traffic lately…particularly
around a month ago: North Texas

Ok since the OP’s question has been answered its time for me to threadjack. Does anyone know of any unicycle clubs in New York.

Fort worth

I am a member of the Fort Worth unicycling club. There are some pretty good riders in the club. We usually ride to the water gardens which is an awesome place to ride!:slight_smile:

Any clubs still near the Dallas/Fort Worth area? I’m planning a trip in last week in November. Thought I might be able to meet up possibly.

There is! The DFW Unicycle Club meets the first Saturday of every month at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano, TX. While you may miss the next meeting/ride on Dec 3rd, let me know if you are coming that week, or the week of Thanksgiving. If it is the week of Thanksgiving, I can definitely meet you to ride and should be able to find others that want to ride as well.

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve has a concrete hike/bike path with elevation changes (3 miles?), a 2+ mile challenging mountain uni (b*ke) course, XC off-road trails, and multiple “cut-thru” trails that would be challenging.

There is also a flat pavilion area that is good to practice freestyle or flatland, if that is your preference.

Lastly, you may qualify for some sort of award for possible oldest dormant thread brought back to life. :grin:

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This is awesome. I am gonna DM you.

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