Unicycle Clothing

Ok, if you were going to have someone sew you the best unicycle cloths going, what would be the features that you would ask for.
Rip-stop nylon, big pockets for tools, padded butt, convertible pants to shorts, just regular jeans and a T-shirt? Please let me know.

A lot of padding near the groinal area??

But seriously, its not such a bad idea, now is it??

long cargo shorts (a bit lower than your knee so when you sit down, they dont creep up on you(unless you could find a way to sew them so that they wouldn’t do that)), with padded thighs and a sleeveless cotton shirt.

yeah, i agree with bottle, i hate uniing in shorts that are shorter than my knee, it looks like i have shortshorts on

also, nylon or some other fabric that doesnt stain very easily

You speak the truth. I’ve got two blood stained socks now from slippery Pacific Northwest Muni…

Re: Unicycle Clothing

Padding in the groinal area is not the answer. If your junk gets
between you and your seat, it’s gonna hurt, padding or not. A built in
support to keep the nuts up on top of the saddle would be highly

a durable but breathable fabric

dark color so they don’t look anniahlated by the end of the ride

have integraded bike shorts inside(they would be pants)

have the pockets be a little bit farther back then normal so they don’t rub.

for the shirt,

have a bright color (neon yellow rocks!)

a breathable fabric. eric(mango) has a bunch of jerseys that are made out of this really cool fabric that might work, I don’t know what kind though.

I think thats all.

Genuine 100% Leather

Long shorts, like capris or whatever they’re called…because normal length shorts go way up and look like short shorts, and short shorts look like underwear, when you’re riding a unicycle. Long shorts stay the perfect length.
Also they would have butt/crotch padding, as cycling shorts do. Or you could just wear cycling shorts underneath whatever.
And a super tight shirt to show off your muscles, or if you don’t have any one of those T-Shirts that make you look like you have a lot of muscles.

Eeeeeeeeeeeew, no!

You should’ve seen the bloodstains in my socks when I had the old KH cranks with extra aggressive nubs, sometimes I wore two pairs of socks just to soak up more of the blood that I knew I was gonna spill…it was nasty.

. . . until you fall off and your nuts are attached to the uni. ouch.

who likes short shorts! na na na na na na! we like short shorts! na na na na na na! etc.

but seriously, it all depends on what temperature you ride in. if you ride in heat, you need thin clothes and short sleeves

if you are lucky enough to ride in sub or semi sub zero temperatures you can wear whatever the hell you want. no need for pads if you wear 3 layers of pants!

Spandex style unicycling shorts that have an integrated suspensory to hold the dangly bits up and out of the way.



Why anything else?

Ohh man the summers here will fry you like…cheese gone bad. Meaning you wouldn’t be able to wear it. Either that or you’ll be burning hot. :smiley: :smiley:

Ooh, I don’t know. I kinda prefer wearing my shoelaces with shoes tied to them.

Also, I like hats.

Basically I just wear some Orchid BMX shoes, long socks or my shinguards tend to rub off some skin… some BBB freeride shorts, they will NEVER wear down, very good shorts. A loose T-shirt, Municycle.com in this case, it being winter I tend to wear some sweaters, I’ve made my own sweaters called the EenWiel.nl Winter Sweaters 2007, unlike my other sweaters these don’t sweat as much, they’re very comfortable and don’t get too hot when riding. Some gloves and a helmet, though that’s not clothing is it?

If you’re looking for protection about your hips and arse you might look into the 661 bombershorts, I saw them on the 661 page once and thought they might be good.

I bought a pair of these, also thinking they might be good. However, they’re probably the most uncomfortable shorts I’ve ever worn. The big reinforced plates just don’t bend in the places you need them to, and they end up pinching where you don’t want them to.

They may be good if you are the kind of person that keeps throwing your hips at the floor, but if you’re not, then I’d avoid them.


I think GKMAC basically has it down per Muni riding. The idea here is to stay comfortable (minimal chaffing) on longish rides and to use functional, low-matainance clothes. After fiddling with various combos over the last 3 years I’ve found the following to be best for me, riding in Southern California.

Shoes: whatever you prefer.

Socks: Black sports socks (high nylon to cotton ratio), higher than usual to protect the shins from the ankle braces. Any color but black and the socks are ruined (grimy) after one ride.

Ankle braces: Strap type–have saved us many times from broken bones.

Shorts: First layer, some good quality bike shorts.

Over shorts: Loose, good quality, nylon board shorts, like Quiksilver, O’Neill, Rusty, et al. Pricy at 50 bucks but the cheap ones wear out in no time. Adds a little style to the fandango.

Shirt: Polypro all the way (cotton is the worst–can’t wick sweat and never dries out during the ride). We use chaep soccer shirts, the thin ones. The thicker ones are better quality but are normally too hot for So Cal. Layer on more polypro as needed. In cold conditions use a pile (polypro) vest and wear a nylon or polypro beany under your helmet.


Oakley Ballistic 2.6 shorts. That’s what I use and they’re fabulous (they run big - and expensive). Try to find them on sale somewhere, that’s what I did (www.steepandcheap.com). I wear a smartwool top when it’s cold (or underarmour coldgear), and just an adidas soccer jersey when it’s warmer out.